• Watch an overview video on PEAK (~5 mins)

    This video gives you a quick tour of the PEAK platform.


About PEAK

  • What is the Platform for Energy Access Knowledge (PEAK)?

    Power for All reviewed current and popular energy information portals and found that not only was DRE under-represented but there was no comprehensive, easy-to-use inventory of the current, critical facts for the sector. Power for All  created the Platform for Energy Access Knowledge (PEAK) as a direct response to this gap. PEAK is an innovative portfolio of open access applications that finds, aggregates, organizes and visualizes key publicly available energy access data.

  • How does PEAK aggregate data?

    PEAK aggregates and cites the best publicly available research from large development agencies, academic institutions, non-governmental agencies, companies and community groups to create a specialized library for decentralized renewable energies (DRE) 

  • How is PEAK different from the other platforms?

    PEAK is designed to make synthesis easier for the energy access sector. PEAK offers key functionalities that complement data available across different platforms and sources. PEAK offers:

    • A growing and up-to-date specialized library 

    •  A sector-specific search engine

    •  Instant visualization of data sets from different sources

    • Collaborative opportunities through working groups and  social media share functions

    • The ability to personalize and build on your PEAK account by importing data, saving document annotations,  maps and charts and favoriting documents for future use 
  • What do we mean when we say PEAK is in ‘beta’?

    At its core PEAK runs on a series of open access knowledge management applications. More advanced intelligence will strengthen some of PEAK's key functions such as automated table extraction from PDFs. We are making strides to further develop PEAK's technology and in this beta phase we are eager to hear your feedback to strengthen and/or include functions that are useful or important to you.

  • How do I provide feedback to the PEAK team?

    If you have any questions and/or comments that you think will be beneficial for PEAK’s development, please contact us here and make sure to select “Feedback” as the subject.


  • Why do I need an account?

    Without an account, basic functions are available to you including viewing documents, creating maps and charts and using PEAK’s search functions. However, with an account PEAK becomes personalized. You can save your favorite documents, maps, charts, and document annotations. By signing up with your work email, you are allocated to your organization’s working group which allows you to  work collaboratively with your colleagues with accounts on documents, charts and maps. In addition, an account enables you to import data directly into your personal, working group or PEAK library. 

  • Which email should I use to create an account?

    If you intend to use PEAK to work collaboratively with your colleagues, please use your organization’s email, as this will allow you to be automatically allocated to your organization’s working group.

  • What do I do if I forgot my password?

    If you forget your pass, please click the link “Forgot Password?” on the sign in page and follow the instructions to get a new password via your email.


  • When I try log into my account, the account is inactive?

    Please make sure that you have verified your email by clicking on a “confirmation link” in an email automatically sent to you when you make an account. If you do not get the email, check your spam inbox before trying to resend the verification email.

  • I can’t log into my account even after verifying my email and/or changing passwords

    If you are still having trouble accessing your account, please contact us here and allow for 24 hours before trying to login again.

Documents and Datasets

  • Why is my dataset not showing up as a chart or map?

    When you upload a dataset, depending on the file type, it may need to be formatted so it can be visualized in PEAK. Check if your dataset is showing up PEAK’s visualization tools, if not please allow for 48 hours as the normalization time may depend on upload volume.

  • I changed the metadata for a document and cannot find it in the library. Where did it go?

     When a you change the metadata of a document, the document will need to be re-indexed which may take up to 10 minutes. This means that the document will disappear from the library but you should be able to find the document momentarily after it is re-indexed. 

  • I am having a problem with certain layers obscuring my map, how can I fix it?

    Some layers may obscure others when you are creating a map. If this occurs, please try to create the map by rearranging the order of the layers. i.e If you created the map by using layers 1, 2 and 3, try making the map by arranging the layers 3, 1 and 2 instead.