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Reshaping the Global Landscape: The Need for a New Bretton Woods in the Era of Green Minerals

In 2024, the demand for green minerals is reshaping global power, highlighting the need for a new Bretton Woods system to ensure sustainable, equitable growth and manage geopolitical and environmental challenges.

The Battle Against Energy Poverty: Will Macron's Summit Deliver for the World's Poorest?

Today, French President Emmanuel Macron will host a Summit for a new global financing pact in Paris. Over 100 heads of state, policymakers, and international organizations will convene to discuss financing solutions to respond to global crises, including climate change, development, and biodiversity loss.

Financing and Knowledge Crucial for Ethiopia's Ambitious Energy Goals

In a country where 56 per cent of the population still has little or no access to electricity, achieving universal access in the next couple of years is an ambitious goal. This is, however, exactly what the Ethiopian government hopes to achieve by 2025 through a combination of grid and off-grid based solutions. To ensure this aspiration becomes reality, the country must increase financing for off-grid renewable energy solutions and find ways to boost knowledge and understanding of the sector.

Regulatory Obstacles and Financing Challenges Throttle Renewable Energy Access in Sub-Saharan Africa

As deputy director for Africa for the World Resources Institute in Kenya, Rebekah Shirley works with local clean energy companies that demonstrate to the world that Africa is invested in fighting climate change, she said in a TED Talk.