Interview with Dan Klinck, CEO of East African Power

In this episode of the Power for All's Integrated Energy podcast series, Kristina Skierka, founder and CEO of Power for All speaks with Dan Klinck, CEO of East African Power, an integrated renewable energy development company delivering affordable clean energy in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Off-grid sector success post-pandemic hinges on shift to new financing models

Off track and under-funded, the goal of universal energy access will only happen if there is much tighter collaboration between funders to unify a highly fragmented finance landscape, while also maintaining a laser focus on results. SEforALL explains why multi-donor RBF is essential for success.

Off-grid customers struggling: interview with Kat Harrison

85% of off-grid solar customers say their financial situation has worsened since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and one-fifth reported paying for energy as a "heavy burden". We spoke with 60 Decibels director Kat Harrison to understand where things stand, where they are headed and what's at stake.

Investing in clean energy an opportunity for African middle class

By 2021, the green-energy investing will account for 25% of all energy spending, for the first time ever, surpassing spending on fossil fuels, according to Goldman Sachs. Africa's growing middle class could be pivotal to the continent's transition to a sustainable energy future.

Who will rescue off-grid renewable energy from coronavirus?

Eight months after coronavirus was first reported, it is clear that donors, multilateral agencies and governments have failed to offer adequate financial relief to the industry providing energy services to tens of millions of rural poor. As a result, the economic impact on the "energy access" sector is a rapidly unfolding crisis.