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June 23, 2022

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Africa Agriculture, Decentralized Renewables

Factsheet: Decentralized Renewables Can Enhance Agro-Productivity In Tanzania

Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) sources can enhance agro-productivity and food security. This Fact Sheet highlights the current state of DRE powered agro-processing activities in Tanzania, drawing on analysis by: Access to Energy Institute (A2EI), The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Energy for Impact (NREL&E4I), the Energy Change Lab (the Lab), and African Development Bank Group (AfDB).

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  • DRE agro-processing offers a strong commercial opportunity for rural entrepreneurs. However, appliance financing, business, and technical skills gap, and high retail tariffs remain a barrier to maximizing the opportunity.
  • Key productive use of energy (PUE) stakeholders can position themselves in engaging with local communities to offer training and financing assistance thus bridging the barriers to solar-powered agro-processing.
  • Government and partners can play a role in encouraging DRE projects by offering a conducive investment environment; they can provide long-term financing and transaction advisory services to DRE developers.

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