Articles 2018: Utilities and the Decentralized Pivot

“The Future of Energy”—also known as “The Energy Transition”—has been contemplated, discussed, and written about ad nauseam by nearly every scholar and consulting firm working in or around the power sector today.

Reports Utilities 2.0: Integrated Energy for Optimal Impact

Utilities 2.0: Integrated Energy for Optimal Impact examines the opportunities, challenges and best practices of creating the utility of the future in Sub-Saharan Africa and developing economies in Asia.

Research Summaries Research Summary: Making Sub-Saharan African Utilities Financially Viable

A 2017 World Bank report, Making Power Affordable for Africa and Viable for Its Utilities, analyzes the financial viability of utilities in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) using utility revenue and operations cost records. The report finds many SSA utilities face huge deficits, and will require a combination of increasing operational efficiency, raising tariffs, and optimizing their generation mix to achieve financial viability.

About the campaign

Collaborate to Accelerate Access

Utilities 2.0 is a global initiative to unite centralized utilities and the decentralized renewable energy sector to end energy poverty faster.

In collaboration, centralized and decentralized electricity providers can design an optimal mix of energy technologies and service levels, solving for least-cost electrification in the fastest timeline possible. 

Utilities 2.0 is made possible thanks to the generous support of Jim Rogers and The Rockefeller Foundation.

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Utilities 2.0 will be demonstrated in Uganda with the below partners. For a complete list of partners see our Call to Action.


Recent and upcoming events relevant to the Utilities 2.0 initiative:

African Utility Week
May 14-17, 2019

Cape Town, South Africa

Vienna Energy Forum
May 14-16, 2019

Vienna, Austria

Africa Energy Forum
June 11-15, 2019

Lisbon, Portugal

SEforALL Charettes
June 18-20, 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands

News & Updates
News Release: Utilities 2.0 coalition unveils vision for utility of the future in low energy access countries; announces 1st demonstration

Power for All, Umeme Ltd., The Rockefeller Foundation and a coalition of decentralized renewable energy companies target win-win-win business models that accelerate electricity access, while benefiting utilities, the private sector and energy-poor consumers.