Multi-stakeholder Coalition: Electrification of rural health facilities in Zambia using off-grid solar.jpg

July 08, 2022

Africa Clean Energy Technical Assistance Facility, Power for All, the Health Coalition of Zambia

Africa Health, Decentralized Renewables

Electrification of Health Facilities in Zambia: Action Plan

Only a third of the main health facilities in rural areas in Zambia have a functional connection to the grid. Therefore, the health care of more than 60% of the rural population is adversely affected. In this Action Plan, the Government of Zambia calls upon all stakeholders, including development partners and the private sector, to join its efforts to electrify the country's health facilities. Developed as a collaboration between the Ministries of Health and of Energy, it identifies the barriers and challenges to universal electrification of health facilities in Zambia and proposes solutions to improve health outcomes for millions of Zambians. It was developed with support from the Africa Clean Energy Technical Assistance Facility (ACE TAF) programme, Power for All and the Health Coalition of Zambia as part of the Powering Health Campaign.

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