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Campaign Update: February 2019

Power for All updated its website last year with the goal of improving our ability to spotlight more of the great stories coming out of the decentralized renewables sector. With that in mind, we are actively seeking to co-create content with you.


Women #PoweringJobs in Senegal

Over 100 years ago, women pushed for the right to vote. Today, they are pushing for the right to energy. Nowhere is this more important than in West Africa, where 100 million women and girls live in energy poverty.


Interview with Magda Moner & Sandor Szabo: Affordability of PV based electricity generation on rural electrification

In this episode, William Brent speaks with Magda Moner and Sandor Szabo, leading researchers in rural development and renewable energy at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and co authors of the research paper Mapping of Affordability Levels for Photovoltaic (PV) Based Electricity Generation in the Solar Belt of Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia, and South Asia. They shed some light on the impact of their research on affordability of solar PV grids in rural electrification and why it is a more sustainable option.

Accelerating the global energy transition powered by a young workforce

To be successful, the energy transition will require a generational transition as well. New ideas, new leadership, and new opportunities depend on putting young people at the center of shaping the future of energy systems in Africa and Asia. The time for business-as-usual approaches is ending, as we take the first steps toward the next energy generation and a new legacy.

Why gender mainstreaming is important to your renewable energy business

While the renewable energy market in African countries is flourishing, companies that adequately address the needs of women in their business plans are a step ahead of their competitors. Here are the key steps to mainstreaming gender across business operations.

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25x25: Ending energy poverty faster

The 25x25 Electricity Access Acceleration Collaborative will work to bring decentralized renewable energy to 25 emerging economies, with an aim to ending energy poverty in those countries by 2025.

NGO partners join hands in 25x25 collaborative to accelerate market transformation

Four organizations committed to accelerating universal electricity access – Hivos/ENERGIA, Power for All, Practical Action, and SNV Netherlands Development Organisation – recognize that the level of ambition and urgency for achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 is far from what's needed to deliver modern, affordable, sustainable and reliable energy for all before 2030.

Nigeria taskforce ends initial phase, reviews accomplishments and future goals

Nigeria’s Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) Taskforce, which aims to accelerate modern electricity access initiatives by tackling the most pressing industry challenges, met on November 12, 2018 to review the success of the taskforce since its creation in February 2018.

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