Campaign Updates

Campaign Updates: June 2023

In Ethiopia, Power For All has entered into a pivotal partnership with the Ethiopian Solar Energy Development Association (ESEDA). As part of this collaboration, Power For All is set to provide Technical Assistance to revise the customs handbook that was initially developed by ACE-TAF two years ago.

Campaign Updates

Campaign Updates: April and May 2023

In our ongoing mission to promote renewable energy and drive sustainable development, we have been working diligently across several fronts.

Campaign Updates

Campaign Updates: October 2022

We continued to disseminate and facilitate discussions on the findings and recommendations of the 2022 Powering Jobs census. We launched Powering Jobs census country reports for Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya and took part in the Global Off-Grid Solar Forum and Expo held in Kigali, Rwanda.

Grassroots Power: The Success and Promise of Local Renewable Energy Enterprises

Discover how locally-owned, women-led businesses are transforming renewable energy access in remote rural areas. Learn about the Inclusive Energy Opportunity initiative and its impact on off-grid energy solutions.

Factsheet: Decentralized Renewable Energy can help to address gender gaps

The Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) sector is uniquely positioned to combat energy poverty and enable female empowerment by freeing up productive time, providing employment opportunities, and improving their overall well-being.

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Campaign Updates: July 2022

As part of the ongoing Powering Jobs Campaign, the global report for 2022 is complete, after gathering inputs from peer reviewers, and it is now in the design stage. Our research team has started finalizing the in-country draftseports for India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ethiopia and these will be ready by the end of July 2022 for peer review.

Campaign Update: June 2022

As part of the ongoing Powering Jobs campaign, the third round of steering committee meetings was held in June, starting with the global committee on June 6, followed by the Kenyan, Nigerian, and Indian committees on June 8, 9, and 10, respectively.

Campaign Update: May 2022

Power for All was well represented at the Sustainable Energy for All Forum in Kigali, Rwanda. The team, led by our CEO Kristina Skierka, also co-chaired two-panel discussions at the event, ‘Transitioning to the Grid of the Future’ and ‘Powering Jobs: Building a Workforce to Meet the SGD 7 Challenge’. The Powering Jobs campaign kicked off its first steering committee meeting in Ethiopia and held its second in Uganda. We also have the initial findings from our health survey from Jharkhand State in India. Read on for these and other updates from our campaigns.

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