April 04, 2017

Joe Rafalowicz



The State of Play

The policy environment for decentralized renewable energy plays a huge role in how fast electrification can proceed. This graph shows how many low energy access countries have enabling policies in place, and makes clear the logic behind our call for action.

DOnut v2

Index of Energy Access Countries

How does your country rate on our policy tracker? 

Utilities vs DRE Companies

In the past, grid focused  generation was the only way people accessed power. But that is starting to change: the combined power of decentralized renewable energy companies would make the 8th biggest ‘utility’ in the world.

The Five Crucial Areas

From our research we know that there are 5 areas which are especially important for low energy access countries to look at as they seek to move end energy poverty through decentralized renewable energy.

The Call to Action

We also know that there are 3 specific actions which governments can take right now to start growing their decentralized renewable energy market. These are crucial to ending energy poverty faster, and we are calling on governments to implement them.

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