Impact Harvesting Hope: How Distributed Renewable Energy Can Reshape Agriculture for Communities and the Planet

More than 800,000 Kenyan dairy farmers have no electricity to refrigerate their milk, which means that about 60% of milk in Kenya spoils. Farmers don’t have access to electricity, and they can’t afford diesel generators, which are expensive to operate.

Videos Mini-grids: powering the next green revolution

Our latest video takes a closer look at the potential for decentralized renewables like mini-grids to unlock an explosion of agriculture productivity and jobs in Sub-Saharan Africa and developing Asia.

Fact Sheets & Research Summaries Renewable Energy Sparks Africa's Sustainable Agrarian Transformation

Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) can revolutionize Africa's agricultural sector, creating a sustainable, low-emission food system. This transformation can combat climate change, enhance food security, and reduce income inequality.

About the campaign


Powering Agriculture is our contribution to a growing movement to make decentralized renewables a central part of scaling agriculture and food productivity in emerging economies in Africa and Asia.

Agriculture is 2-4 times more effective at reducing poverty than other sectors, according to the World Bank. But the potential for increased productivity and improved livelihoods requires access to energy. 

Mainstreaming mini-grids and other distributed renewable energy solutions can help power another Green Revolution. 

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