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Sierra Leone Case Study: Market Activation

In 2016, Power for All in partnership with the Sierra Leone government launched a market-based Energy Revolution which identified and removed barriers to growing the decentralized renewable energy sector and led to significant impacts.

Recipe for Success: Sierra Leone

Exactly one year ago, the government of Sierra Leone embarked on a vision to achieve power for all, signing the first Energy Africa compact with the UK government. This resulted in the launch of the Sierra Leone Energy Revolution, a bold initiative to accelerate access to 250,000 homes by end of 2017 and provide universal electricity access by 2025.

Sierra Leone Call to Action

Power for All worked with REASL to develop Sierra Leone’s first-ever recommendations from a renewable energy industry association, following a series of workshops focused on developing REASL’s governance structure, strategy and plans.

Power for All
in Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Energy Revolution, an initiative supported by the President, has set bold targets to reach 250,000 homes with distributed solar solutions by the end of 2017, and bring modern energy to all by 2025. To meet these targets, Power for All is working with the government, private sector and civil society to support energy policy and planning, strengthen the decentralized renewables sector, and raise awareness of the benefits of distributed renewable energy.

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Solar Road Show Brings the Energy Revolution to People Across Sierra Leone

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone, December 21, 2016—A series of solar fairs and activities were held across the country last week, and will continue in 2017. The “Solar Road Show” was held to raise awareness of the power of decentralized solar energy as part of the Sierra Leone Energy Revolution.

First-of-Kind Solar Pilot in Sierra Leone

Microfinance institutions and renewable energy companies unite to launch first-of-its-kind household solar pilot

News Release: Community and Civil Society Organizations join the quest to bring clean power to Sierra Leone

Freetown, Nov. 22, 2016 -- Today, community and civil society organizations came together to support the Sierra Leone Energy Revolution, and join the quest to bring clean solar power to all by 2025.