Ten Renewable Energy Trends to Propel SDG 7 in 2024

As 2024 unfolds, the renewable energy sector reaches a pivotal moment, especially in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With the mid-point of the SDGs passed, there’s an urgent call for a surge in renewable energy to combat energy poverty and meet SDG 7’s target of universal access to sustainable and modern energy.

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Empowering Women with Distributed Renewable Energy

Power for All and IRENA are partnering to explore gender dynamics in the DRE sector, a field ripe for increasing women's participation, as seen in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Nigeria.

Harvesting Renewables: How COP28’s Agricultural Declaration Could Reshape Farming

COP28: 130 nations commit to sustainable agriculture, aiming to triple renewables by 2030 and revolutionize African farming with clean energy.

Regional Collaborations Set to Strengthen, Global Collaboration Confronts Challenges

Just energy transition requires global collaboration, facing socio-economic, geopolitical challenges, with regional cooperation strengthening but global efforts hindered by protectionist policies and unequal standards.

The African Electric Vehicle Odyssey: A Promising Journey Toward Sustainable Mobility

EV adoption in sub-Saharan Africa is accelerating with localized solutions, policy support, and public-private partnerships, as seen in Senegal and Kenya.