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Resilience and Innovation with Mini-Grids Across Africa

Despite challenges, Africa’s mini-grid sector, with highlights like Husk Power’s $43M funding, grows but still needs more global solar investment.

Solar, Fusion, and Storage: A 2024 Forward-Looking Perspective

This year, short-term electricity storage and long-term fusion technologies are key drivers in the energy sector, with storage crucial for integrating renewables and fusion promising large-scale, carbon-free energy.

Philanthropy Trends: Collaboration, Climate, and Clean Energy in Agriculture

2023 saw global philanthropy pivot to climate and clean energy in agriculture, with key investments driven by collaborations like ClimateWorks and partnerships like Acumen-Green Climate Fund.

Empowering Women with Distributed Renewable Energy

Power for All and IRENA are partnering to explore gender dynamics in the DRE sector, a field ripe for increasing women's participation, as seen in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Nigeria.