Campaign Update: July 2019

Power for All and its partners officially launched Powering Jobs Census 2019: the Energy Access Workforce, the first annual survey measuring employment from decentralized renewables for rural electrification in Africa and Asia.

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Campaign Update: February 2019

Power for All updated its website last year with the goal of improving our ability to spotlight more of the great stories coming out of the decentralized renewables sector. With that in mind, we are actively seeking to co-create content with you.

Campaign Update: January 2019

Power for All and partners kicked off the Decentralized Renewable Energy Data Network (DREDN), further advanced the Utilities 2.0 pilot in Uganda, hosted #PoweringJobs focus groups in 3 countries.

Campaign Update: November 2018

Power for All is hiring for several openings, including operations, development, grant management and country-level coordinators. We also successfully launched the #PoweringJobs campaign, and continued to advance the sector forward in Nigeria.

Campaign Update: October 2018

Power for All and its partners are firing on all cylinders, kicking off exciting Utilities 2.0 work in Uganda, pushing a "25x25" market activation concept forward at IOREC and ECOWAS, launching an energy access jobs campaign, and moving the needle in Nigeria. And did you miss PEAK’s webinar? So much to catch up on.