Campaign Updates: September 2022

September’s focus was on the launch of Power for All’s long-awaited Powering Jobs Census 2022: The Energy Access Workforce report at a series of global, regional, and national events that brought together DRE experts and thought leaders to coordinate a global response to the report’s call to action and shape the #PoweringJobs advocacy agenda.

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Campaign Update: April 2022

As part of the Utilities 2.0 (U2.0) campaign, a webinar titled “Building Partnerships for an Integrated Energy Approach: Experience from the Utilities 2.0 project, Uganda” is planned for May 5. During this knowledge sharing session, the project’s implementing partners will share how they built and managed partnerships that have been key to the project's success, the challenges faced and lessons learned for scaling and replicating the project elsewhere.

Campaign Update: March 2022

Our Powering Jobs campaign kicked off its first steering committee meetings with key stakeholders at the global and national levels. The U2.0 campaign held a briefing session with key project partners to share the insights and findings from the pilot research. As part of the Powering Agriculture campaign, our CEO, Kristina Skierka, facilitated a meeting on productive use of renewable energy for an agriculture action plan with key stakeholders in Kampala, Uganda.

Campaign Update: February 2022

Our Powering Jobs' survey wraps up at the end of February and the next steps include Focus Group Discussions in each of the five survey countries. Our CEO, Kristina Skierka, spoke at The Economic Times “Energyworld Solar Power Congress.” Read on for these and other updates from our campaigns.

Campaign Update: January 2022

2021 was a year of growth at Power for All as we celebrated our sixth anniversary. The team grew, we started new projects and successfully participated in several global events. Here are some of the highlights from our campaigns and projects.