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4 insights on what’s next for India rural electrification

In 2019, India announced the completion of the Saubhagya Initiative, its program to provide electricity connections to every village and every home in the country. However, even though millions more are now connected, problems remain (and new ones have emerged), including unreliable supply of power, a lack of workforce capacity for utilities (DISCOMs) to serve an expanded customer base and additional stress of fiscal health.

Powering Jobs Census 2019: Focus on India

Download the Powering Jobs Census 2019: Focus on India, to understand the growing employment opportunity within the decentralized renewable energy (DRE) sector, and within the communities gaining access to electricity for the first time. In India, direct, formal DRE jobs are expected to double to by 2022-23.

First Annual Energy Access Jobs Census Released, Showing Large Employment Opportunity

Decentralized renewables have the potential to directly create up to 190,000 formal, and 210,000 informal jobs in India by 2022-23.

Power for All
in India

Through its Saubhagya initiative, India currently is at 99.99% electrification with only 18,734 households without electricity. However, the quality and reliability of electricity access remains an issue, as does the long-term sustainability of the largely grid-based approach. Power for All’s work in India is focused on building a powerful, evidence-based narrative for the country’s decentralized renewable energy (DRE) sector, to spotlight its critical role in not only providing quality, fiscally responsible and customer-centric 24/7 electricity services to India’s rural poor, but improving livelihoods and generating economic activity and employment.

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