Fact Sheets & Research Summaries Factsheet: Decentralized Renewables Can Enhance Agro-Productivity In Tanzania

Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) sources can enhance agro-productivity and food security. This Fact Sheet highlights the current state of DRE powered agro-processing activities in Tanzania, drawing on analysis by: Access to Energy Institute (A2EI), The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Energy for Impact (NREL&E4I), the Energy Change Lab (the Lab), and African Development Bank Group (AfDB).

Fact Sheets & Research Summaries Research Summary: Access to Energy Will Result in Better Human Development Outcomes

The agricultural sector has the potential to become a game-changer in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), where 80%of the production is from smallholder farmers. However, less than one in three farmers have electricity access.

Fact Sheets & Research Summaries Factsheet: Off-grid PayGo: Unlocking Affordable Energy Access and Financial Inclusion in SSA

PayGo (short for pay-as-you-go) is a system that allows customers to purchase solar home systems and appliances through installments. It has not only enabled bottom-of-the-pyramid households to access clean energy but it is also creating opportunities for financial inclusion and economic development.

Infographics Data for Energy Access: Power for All's Platform for Energy Access Knowledge (PEAK)

Power for All's Platform for Energy Access Knowledge (PEAK) is a research tool built for fact-based advocacy and communication. PEAK has amassed over 600 registered users from all over the world.

40% of rural consumers dissatisfied with state grid: India report

Despite huge progress toward 100% electrification in India, a new study finds the reality quite different, with a huge need to focus on customer satisfaction

Saubhagya Scheme: Millions Remain Without Electricity

Despite progress, India’s rural electrification problem remains far from resolved. There are likely tens of millions of people without electric light at home, and some of the gains so far could be reversed when the harsh reality of irregular and unpredictable electric billing hits India’s rural poor.

Forging Better Lives with Solar in India

Blacksmiths and other craftsmen in rural India—with the help of distributed solar power, local financing yet minimal innovation—are creating a path to better livelihoods with the support of SELCO Foundation.

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Nigeria taskforce ends initial phase, reviews accomplishments and future goals

Nigeria’s Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) Taskforce, which aims to accelerate modern electricity access initiatives by tackling the most pressing industry challenges, met on November 12, 2018 to review the success of the taskforce since its creation in February 2018.

Nigeria Taskforce Seeks New Ways to Confront Energy Access Challenges

Five key barriers are preventing the scaling of off-grid renewable solutions in Nigeria: 1. tariffs and duties, 2. consumer awareness, 3. collaborative data sharing, 4. end-user payments and 5. standardization and certification.

Nigeria Energy Access Taskforce Sets New Targets

Nigeria’s Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) Taskforce, which was launched in February to accelerate modern electricity access initiatives, met July 17, 2018, to review its success since its last meeting and set new milestones to be reached in order to grow the sector.

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A joint Call to Action in Zimbabwe

In a joint ‘Call to Action’, the Government of Zimbabwe, Private Sector and Civil Society Make Bold Commitments to Build the Distributed Renewable Energy Market and Accelerate Progress towards Universal Energy Access

Sierra Leone
Recipe for Success: Sierra Leone

Exactly one year ago, the government of Sierra Leone embarked on a vision to achieve power for all, signing the first Energy Africa compact with the UK government. This resulted in the launch of the Sierra Leone Energy Revolution, a bold initiative to accelerate access to 250,000 homes by end of 2017 and provide universal electricity access by 2025.

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