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October 17, 2023

Power for All

Agriculture, Energy Access

Global Food System and Climate Change: A Vicious Cycle

Agriculture's heavy reliance on fossil fuels drives significant greenhouse gas emissions, accelerating climate change and weakening the global food system. This unsustainable energy use not only exacerbates climate threats but also hinders food production and distribution, particularly impacting vulnerable populations. Given this degradation, food systems will be challenged to meet the anticipated 60% rise in global food demand by 2050.

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  • Climate change and our food system are closely connected with dire consequences for all. Renewable energy gives us an opportunity to help break the cycle!
  • Did you know? A whopping 1/3 of global emissions come from our food system! It's time to demand sustainable, fair food production!
  • Millions go hungry globally and Africa feels it the most. But with such rich resources, let's supercharge smallholder farmers and crush food insecurity!

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