May 23, 2016

Power for All

Energy Access

Decentralized Renewables: The Fast Track to Universal Energy Access

Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) are uniquely positioned—and publicly committed—to ending energy poverty. However, MDBs’ common approach to energy access often overlooks the particular ability that decentralized renewable energy (DR energy or DRE) enterprises have to radically alter the access timeline.

Seeking the fastest path to universal energy access, Power for All has identified three specific courses of action that MDBs can pursue in support of decentralized renewables in order to accelerate clean energy access. If global banks (1) utilize energy access opportunity cost assessments in funding decisions, (2) catalyze energy access “super funds,” and, (3) mobilize fasttrack intermediaries to quickly and nimbly deliver funds in support of DR energy, MDBs can lead the way to achieving power for all.

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