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Africa COVID-19: African health officials issue “SOS” for solar power

African healthcare officials describe the urgent need for much greater support for electrifying rural healthcare facilities, calling the situation an emergency because of COVID-19.

Videos Video: Energy and Health Miniseries

Innovative solutions are emerging to address the interdependence between energy and health. See some of the impactful work happening around the world, bringing electricity to the most remote healthcare facilities.

Energy Policy Powering Health across Africa through COVID-19 and a Changing Climate

Daily power shortages at health clinics and hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa are a counteracting force towards universal health coverage. Decentralized renewable energy solutions are more reliable and much quicker to deploy presenting a huge opportunity for electrification of health facilities across developing rural communities.

About the campaign


This campaign brings together the health care and energy sectors to power rural health facilities in underserved regions with distributed clean energy. By creating powerful evidence and messages to raise awareness and build national consensus, the campaign aims to help countries achieve universal health care for all. 

Reliable power supply is critical in order to improve rural community health. Powering health centers with decentralized renewable energy can solve this problem quickly and affordably and improve health outcomes for rural communities. 


Good Energies, Doen, CLASP, Rockefeller Foundation

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This campaign is made up of multilateral organizations, educational and training institutions, large and small companies, civil society groups and others in India and sub-Saharan Africa. 

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Some recent and upcoming events we will be attending worldwide:

13 October 2020: Launch of WHO guidance for climate resilient and environmentally sustainable health care facilities

26 August 2020: Strengthening Health Infrastructure in Jharkhand through DRE (CEED)

5 August 2020: National Action Roundtable on Powering Rural Health Care with Clean Energy in India

News & Updates
Ten Steps to Improving Rural Health Care in India

Health care and energy coalition release action plan to achieving universal health care powered by distributed clean energy.