Since 2015, Power for All has focused on growing the market for distributed renewable energy (DRE) to end energy poverty. In every developing country we work in, we utilize awareness, advocacy, and market activation to end the unequal distribution of energy resources and biases in the global power system. In some regions, we also run targeted campaigns focused on the benefits of DRE-based energy access, work with other sectors to create demand for DRE, and drive a more inclusive global energy system.

arrow.pngEnergy Access Dividends 

Power for All challenges the status quo in energy delivery with a faster, more affordable, and reliable alternative to traditional electrification. Our research curates or creates the best evidence for data-driven stories about the benefits of DRE in education, jobs and other development outcomes. Power for All’s reports, Calls to Action, fact sheets,  infographics and thought leadership help the entire sector drive pro-DRE narratives that help more people get faster access to the benefits of energy. 

plus.pngBeyond Access

With over 300 campaign partners echoing our call to #EndEnergyPovertyFaster, Power for All is driving demand for DRE and productive use of renewable energy by building new collaborations between the energy industry and adjacent SDG sectors like health and agriculture. Through working groups, peer-to-peer learning, and action plans, Power for All works with partners to put DRE at the forefront of local and national governments’ development planning and decision-making. 

gear.pngIntegrated Energy 

Power for All’s Utilities 2.0 initiative demonstrates how the entire energy sector can collaborate to accelerate access and create economic growth, social impact, and sustainable companies. Launched in partnership with centralized and decentralized energy providers, U.2.0 has identified technical, regulatory and business models necessary for an integrated energy system. The U.2.0  Uganda pilot shows that utilities and DRE  companies can collaborate cost-effectively to achieve universal access, and has created a blueprint for replication in other countries.

Our Vision

Power for All envisions a world where all people benefit from the opportunities and quality of life that come from reliable, affordable, clean energy. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to build and mobilize a network of partners across the energy access ecosystem—including civil society, social entrepreneurs, policymakers, utilities, and local changemakers in developing countries—that together can accelerate the adoption of decentralized renewable energy. Collectively with our partners, Power for All drives awareness, activates markets and catalyzes advocacy that will help transform the way energy is used, generated and paid for in order to #EndEnergyPovertyFaster. 

Annual Report 2022


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Our Values

We believe that access to energy is fundamental to human and economic development.

We believe that scaling fossil fuels to address energy poverty will result in significant threats to the health and well-being of our environment and climate.

We believe that modern, clean technology can now leapfrog slow, inefficient and centralized systems—just as mobile phones leapfrogged landlines in the developing world (right).