Interview with Todd Moss: Increasing Energy Access Ambition for Global Development

In this episode, William Brent speaks with Todd Moss, Founder and Executive Director of the Energy for Growth Hub and an expert on energy, finance, and foreign policy, on the recent launch of a new framework called the Modern Energy Minimum, or the Minimum, for short, which calls for a huge jump in ambition for what the global development community considers basic energy access.

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Podcast: Women at the frontlines of energy access

In this episode, Divya Kottadiel speaks with Jescinta Izevbigie, Gender Manager at the Clean Cooking Alliance about the progress made and the challenges faced in promoting greater gender equality in the renewable energy sector, and more specifically in the clean cooking space.

Podcast: Youth and Clean Energy Jobs

In this episode, Power for All’s William Brent speaks to Tracy Dolan, knowledge lead at EEP Africa, about clean energy innovation and employment, the challenges and opportunities in the sector, and the launch of the Rising Energy Leaders Award.

Podcast: India’s electrification story

Saubhagya was a success, but more needs to be done; We need a multi-pronged approach; Energy efficiency is an important part of the access story

Podcast: Benjamin Attia, Wood Mackenzie, 2021 trends

Energy Transition senior research analyst Benjamin Attia singles out COVID recovery, the rise of C&I, demand-driven integrated energy, the return of infrastructure investors and the emergence of a version 2.0 for our sector in his predictions for 2021.