Director of Development

Power for All's Development Director will oversee our donor relations program and manage our fundraising initiatives. The successful candidate will be responsible for developing our nonprofit’s fundraising campaigns, communicating with current and prospective donors, and building a strong development pipeline with the Power for All team. Position will be based in the United States or the European Union.
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Director of Operations

The Director of Operations is responsible for the day-to-day internal operations of Power for All. The Director of Operations will enable success of Power for All’s global team, including oversight of human resources, operational systems, vendors, contracts, grant administration and fiscal integrity. Position will be in the United States, preferably San Francisco.
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Grants Manager + Special Projects

The Grants Manager + Special Projects will support the organization’s leadership in day-to-day grants management, such as ensuring compliance with the terms of grants and M&E tracking. This role will contribute across the Power for All campaign to help fulfill our mission, ranging from working with partners to developing website content to leading research projects. Position will be in San Francisco, California.
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Manager, Uganda - Coming Soon

Kampala, Uganda 

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Power for All provides unique opportunities to motivated change-makers who want to help #endenergypoverty faster. A flexible and supportive environment, Power for All is comprised of top-tier professionals and mission-driven campaigners. Our team's footprint stretches across India, Africa, the European Union and the United States. Our team comes from different backgrounds and multiple continents, but we are united in our focus to accelerate an end to energy poverty.

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