Interview with Raffaella Bellanca of the World Food Program: Energizing the School Feeding Program

In this interview, William Brent speaks to Raffaella Bellanca, leader in access to energy at the World Food Program (WFP), discussing a critical link between school feeding initiatives and decentralised renewable energy. In support of this year’s UN Food Systems Summit, this podcast is part of a special series focused on the critical link between food systems and decentralized renewable energy, aimed at highlighting game-changing ideas in Africa and Asia that can help ensure sustainable energy for all and improve farmers’ lives.


Interview with Magda Moner & Sandor Szabo: Affordability of PV based electricity generation on rural electrification

In this episode, William Brent speaks with Magda Moner and Sandor Szabo, leading researchers in rural development and renewable energy at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and co authors of the research paper Mapping of Affordability Levels for Photovoltaic (PV) Based Electricity Generation in the Solar Belt of Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia, and South Asia. They shed some light on the impact of their research on affordability of solar PV grids in rural electrification and why it is a more sustainable option.


Celebrating Six Years of Power for All

COVID-19 presented an opportunity to show how decentralized renewable energy can accelerate access to better health, jobs, and quality of life through collective and coordinated action. To celebrate our 6th anniversary, this video shows the resourcefulness of working together, as well as the silver linings in the actions we have had to take to enact change.

On the Road to Ending Energy Poverty: Six years of Power for All

In this episode of the Power for All podcast, Anand Prabhu Pathanjali speaks with Kristina Skierka, founder and CEO of Power for All about the campaign’s six-year journey on the road to ending energy poverty.

Solar as a Crop: Making the water-energy-food nexus profitable for smallholder farmers in India

In this episode of the Power for All podcast, William Brent speaks with Shilp Verma, a Researcher at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), and a leading expert on the nexus of food, water, and solar energy.

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Campaign Updates
Campaign update: May 2021

May 12th, 2021 Power for All chief Campaign Officer William Brent participated in the VEF Virtual Series on food systems to explore how to galvanize political action in the alignment of the energy transition with the food systems transformation, focusing on opportunities in developing countries. The outcomes of the consultations will feed key global events in 2021, including the Sustainable Energy Forum, the High-level Dialogue on Energy, the G20 Forum and the United Nations Climate Conference (COP26).

Platform for Energy Access Knowledge

Explore the best energy access idata and thinking with PEAK, our powerful interactive information exchange platform.

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Press Releases
Ten Steps to Improving Rural Health Care in India

Health care and energy coalition release action plan to achieving universal health care powered by distributed clean energy.

Indian Leaders Call for Improvement in Rural Healthcare via Solarization of Clinics

Today, nearly 20 leaders from think tanks, research groups, renewable energy companies, sustainable development organizations, industry associations, and health care services have come together to publish an open letter calling for action, making the case for solarizing all unelectrified sub-centres in rural India, clearly outlining steps needed to get us to that goal.

Improving Health Outcomes & Energy Access in Zambia

Africa Clean Energy Technical Assistance Facility (ACE TAF), World Resources Institute (WRI) and Power for All are supporting the Ministry of Health to develop a comprehensive set of activities to help bring electricity to Zambia​'s unelectrified health care facilities.