Interview with Todd Moss: Increasing Energy Access Ambition for Global Development

In this episode, William Brent speaks with Todd Moss, Founder and Executive Director of the Energy for Growth Hub and an expert on energy, finance, and foreign policy, on the recent launch of a new framework called the Modern Energy Minimum, or the Minimum, for short, which calls for a huge jump in ambition for what the global development community considers basic energy access.


Improving Health Outcomes & Energy Access in Zambia

Africa Clean Energy Technical Assistance Facility (ACE TAF), World Resources Institute (WRI) and Power for All are supporting the Ministry of Health to develop a comprehensive set of activities to help bring electricity to Zambia​'s unelectrified health care facilities.


Global Dialogue: Scaling a clean energy-based food transformation

This dialogue examined the most innovative approaches being implemented today and glean key learnings that can feed into game changing recommendations for the UN Food Systems Summit, COP26 and the High Level Dialogue on Energy.

Investing in Scale: The opportunity at the nexus of food and energy

In this episode of the Power for All podcast, William Brent speaks with Seth Silverman and Morgan DeFoort of Factor[e] Ventures, a builder of companies working at the intersection of food and energy. This podcast is a series highlighting the critical link between food systems and decentralized renewable energy in support of this year’s UN Food Systems Summit.

Roadmap for Impact: Financing Distributed Renewables Can Support Multiple Development Goals

In this episode of the Power for All podcast, William Brent speaks with Andrew Herscowitz, Chief Development Officer at the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), who has been deeply engaged on development issues for more than two decades. Before joining DFC, he was the coordinator of the Power Africa program where he oversaw the addition of 60 million new electricity connections across the continent.

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Campaign Updates
Campaign update: April 2021

Power for All joined the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture, participated in a panel discussion to discuss the role minigrids can play in Africa's energy future, hosted an independent dialogue at UN Food Systems Summit, and organized a webinar on electrifying rural clinics in Zambia. Also, learn about a new report launched today by the Initiative for Sustainable Energy Policy in Jharkhand.

Platform for Energy Access Knowledge

Explore the best energy access idata and thinking with PEAK, our powerful interactive information exchange platform.

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Press Releases
Ten Steps to Improving Rural Health Care in India

Health care and energy coalition release action plan to achieving universal health care powered by distributed clean energy.

Indian Leaders Call for Improvement in Rural Healthcare via Solarization of Clinics

Today, nearly 20 leaders from think tanks, research groups, renewable energy companies, sustainable development organizations, industry associations, and health care services have come together to publish an open letter calling for action, making the case for solarizing all unelectrified sub-centres in rural India, clearly outlining steps needed to get us to that goal.

Decentralized renewable energy and healthcare

Power for All is working at the center of energy and health sectors to help scale decentralized renewable energy--mini grids and rooftop solar--that can solve these challenges quickly and cost effectively.