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July 03, 2018

Rebekah Shirley

Powering the SDGs: Key Facts on Energy Access and the Sustainable Development Goals

Our Powering the SDGs Factsheet Booklet draws out the clearest data points articulating the direct relationship between decentralized energy access and some of the most critical SDGs. Governments considering electricity access interventions lack a standardized model to weigh the trade-offs and timeliness of various electrification options and may, unintentionally, make choices that actually reduce the net benefits of electricity to the energy poor. Understanding the costs of delayed energy access must be rooted in a thorough understanding of energy access’s critical relationship to the unlocking of so many other, broader benefits such as poverty reduction, food security, sustainable agriculture, equitable quality education, gender empowerment, productive employment and climate change preparedness. Power for All’s Platform for Energy Access Knowledge (PEAK) is a critical tool for easily exploring and connecting such critical evidences. Through exploring the best available literature PEAK’s researchers have prepared a series of short, sharp, synthesized fact sheets that help users clearly understand these relationships. 

Factsheet Booklet.png

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