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PEAK's Three Pillars

Data Visibility: PEAK’s interactive digital technology automatically finds, aggregates, organizes and visualizes key publicly available energy access data ensuring maximum discoverability of data needed by the sector.

Knowledge Synthesis: PEAK’s researchers prepare actionable, data-driven, ready-to-share content for target audiences to make insights easier to understand and use, and we conduct primary research to fill data gaps where needed.

Education and Engagement: PEAK’s team works with partners to disseminate and highlight their key curated evidences and we help users engage with data and information in meaningful ways.


“I find PEAK’s fact sheets very useful. I was looking for concrete data to back a campaign that we were implementing on women economic empowerment through energy as part of an advocacy project supported by ENERGIA International. I googled women economic empowerment data and this led me to PEAK’s fact sheets, where I was able to get the data that I needed to support a successful campaign. The fact sheets are addressing a critical information gap on energy and gender and empowerment.”
   - Lydia Muchiri, Senior Gender and Energy Advisor, Practical Action Eastern Africa

“PEAK’s fact sheet on IISD’s energy subsidy in India was definitely very useful. It was coherent and impactful in creating a strong message about how reallocation of government funds to DRE can benefit India's objective of energy access. Given PowerforAll’s wide network, the fact sheet helped push a dialogue on energy transition not only with Indian audiences but internationally.”
   - Vibhuti Garg, Senior Energy Specialist, International Institute for Sustainable Development

“The factsheets and research summaries that PEAK creates are a great way to get a broad view of the latest learning and insights on particular topics in the off-grid energy sector. They do a good job of showcasing all the great research work that is going on and how our knowledge is growing each day.”  
   - Kat Harrison, Associate Director, Impact & Lean Data, Acumen 

“The future of the mini grids space is 100% reliant on improving the data, evidence and public understanding of what is possible. In this light, PEAK provides an invaluable service to the sector, and AMDA remains a proud partner in all their work.”
   - Aaron Leopold, Chief Executive Officer, African Minigrid Developers Association 

About PEAK

The Platform for Energy Access Knowledge (PEAK) is a powerful research engine for the DRE sector. PEAK curates, organizes, synthesizes and transforms large, growing bodies of data into digestible, sharable and useable knowledge targeting key influencers in the decentralized renewable energy sector.

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