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PEAK is an inter­ac­tive infor­ma­tion exchange plat­form designed to help aggre­gate and repack­age the best research and infor­ma­tion into com­pelling data-​​​driven sto­ries to bring energy access to all.

In the spotlight
India Energy Outlook 2021

India is set to see the largest increase in energy demand in the next 20 years. In 2010,India had less than 20(MW) of solar. Today,India offers the most renewable energy markets & transitions in efficiency, sustainable mobility & cooling are in progress.... Read the report here for their key findings.

About Peak

More than a portal for information access, PEAK helps synthesize and transform large, growing bodies of data into useable knowledge.

PEAK translates dense energy access reports and datasets into searchable and categorized insights that are easy to share, enabling countless benefits to the environment and climate, to increased development finance, and to social impacts.

PEAK is a project part­ner­ship between Power for All and the Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL). 



Instantly search the highest quality DRE reports already vetted, sorted and tagged by PEAK for fast, up-to-date facts and data points on any energy access topic.

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Quickly visualize, layer, combine and analyze high quality DRE related spatial data to see and understand trends more clearly.

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Data Visualization

Intelligent analysis tools designed to dig deeper and get more out of the data, helping synthesize information quickly to create actionable insights.

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Geo Visualization
Nigeria's Electricity Grid

Nigeria’s health facilities are clustered around the grid but not every Nigerian lives near the grid. Decentralized renewable energy can address the need for power in health facilities while also providing healthcare for those off the grid. ... See the visualization

PEAK Findings
PEAK Findings

Power for All produces a variety of research summaries, info graphics, images and video. Feel free to check that material out and use for your particular needs.... See our Resources