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Podcast: Policy & data for SDG7-SDG2

The correlation between energy poverty and food security is self-evident. But less clear are the steps needed to strengthen this critical nexus. We spoke with Power for All's chief of research Dr. Rebekah Shirley to help frame a complex issue, and explore what kind of action and data are needed to align the two development goals.

Off-grid customers struggling: interview with Kat Harrison

85% of off-grid solar customers say their financial situation has worsened since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and one-fifth reported paying for energy as a "heavy burden". We spoke with 60 Decibels director Kat Harrison to understand where things stand, where they are headed and what's at stake.

The essential role of minigrids in the electrification of Africa: Interview with Aaron Leopold

Africa’s first mini-grids report provides the most comprehensive data on distributed energy minigrids and the sector’s performance to date. Africa Minigrid Developers Association’s CEO explains the essential role of minigrids in the electrification of Africa and spotlights barriers to accelerated growth and what can be done to overcome them.

Podcast: Scaling Low Carbon Innovation

The winners of the 2020 Ashden Awards will be celebrated virtually on 2 July. Harriet Lamb, Ashden CEO, talks to Power for All about the macro-trends that Ashden has seen over time in energy access innovation.

Podcast: Campaign Alumni Reunion

4 of our original "dream team" -- Christine Eibs Singer, Chiedza Mazaiwana, Aaron Leopold and Charlie Miller -- identify top sector priorities for the next 5 years: consumer subsidy, a public-private "grand bargain", and more. And reminisce about Power for All's early days and its major impact on the fight for universal access.

Podcast: Gender Policy and SDG7

Kenya recently took the bold step of including gender equality in its national energy policy. Sheila Oparaocha, the head of Energia, says it's time for such policies to be adopted by all countries, while also ensuring sustained implementation and accountability.

Podcast: Interview with Stefan Mager (GIZ) and Philipp Blechinger (RLI)

GIZ, Reiner Lemoine Institute (RLI) and the greenwerk recently published the first study to quantify the impact decentralized renewable energy solutions can have in addressing the climate crisis. Distributed energy solutions have largely been absent from the climate discussion, in part because there has been little data. As national governments prepare to update their commitments to emissions reductions as part of the Paris agreement, authors Stefan Mager of GIZ and Philipp Blechinger discuss why distributed clean energy must play a larger role, not just for mitigation, but especially adaptation.

Podcast: interview with Norman Moyo, DPA

How can commercial and industrial energy users overcome supply-related issues, reliability concerns, and high energy cost? Distributed Power Africa's CEO explains why C&I solar in Africa should be embraced as a key step in the transition to a mature power market.

Podcast: interview with Dr. Roberto Ridolfi, FAO

Dr. Roberto Ridolfi, Assistant Director-General, Program Support and Technical Cooperation Department for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), called for countries to innovate their regulatory approach and reduce red tape and bureaucracy to scale solar-powered cold storage and end food waste.

In Conversation: Upendra Tripathy, ISA

How can South-South cooperation be scaled up in support of the implementation of SDG7? The Director General of the International Solar Alliance shares insights about ISA’s significance in global deployment of distributed solar energy and its progress to date.

Is off-grid solar lighting still relevant in India?

IFC Lighting Asia experts Anjali Garg, Brendon Mendonca and Salman Zahir weigh in on new opportunities amid uncertain times

In Conversation: Making solar lamps in Rwanda

Dutch company NOTS Solar Lamps plans to set up a factory in Rwanda to manufacture equipment for home solar kit suppliers. CEO Bart Hartman discusses the reasons why, and plans for future market expansion.

Jobs Census Webinar

Dr. Rebekah Shirley, lead researcher for the Powering Jobs Census, gives a presentation of the key findings, and answers questions in this recording of a webinar hosted by Clean Energy Solutions Center (CESC).

In conversation: Thomas Gottschalk, A2EI

This new non-profit from the founders of Mobisol is looking to support standalone solar and mini-grid innovation that will become the "generator killer" and finally get rid of diesel. What are the applications that will play the biggest role and where?

In Conversation: Ben Attia, Wood Mackenzie Analyst

The head of off-grid energy for advisory firm Wood Mackenzie makes his predictions for 2019, including an increased role for strategics, an "identity crisis" for the sector, and perhaps less private capital.

In Conversation With Abhishek Jain, CEEW

A new report by India's leading energy access research organization looks at how to boost rural incomes through innovation in distributed clean energy, and the $50 billion opportunity for new livelihood appliances.

In Conversation with Dana Rysankova, World Bank

She provides strategic and operational guidance to the World Bank’s Energy and Extractives Global Practice to scale-up the bank’s energy access interventions. In addition to this role, Dana is coordinating energy access activities at the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), where among other things she is the Program Manager for Lighting Global. Dana also leads a global initiative for applying the Multi-Tier Framework for tracking energy access in the context of the Sustainable Energy for All and SDG7 goals.

In Conversation with... Lisa Jordan

Shine is a newly launched global campaign dedicated to ending energy poverty. Shine’s director Lisa Jordan is working to mobilize foundations, communities of faith and investors that have previously not focused on the more than over 1.1 billion people who lack access to energy.

In Conversation with... Habiba Ali

Habiba Ali, the dynamic founder and CEO of Nigeria’s SOSAI Renewable Energies, and vice president of the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN), talked to Power for All about scaling mini-grids, what’s still needed to ensure rural electrification targets, and the importance of getting more women leaders into the DRE sector.

In Conversation with Ilana Cohen, GSMA

The GSMA has been a leader in linking mobile networks and services with energy access, most notably through the introduction of pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar. Power for All spoke with Ilana Cohen about major emerging trends related to the intersection of connectivity and rural electrification: 1. The significance of smartphones emerging as the next big consumer “appliance” with PAYG solar consumers. 2. The market entrance of international Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) into the energy access sector. 3. What the convergence of these two trends holds in store for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In Conversation with... Praveen Kumar

How to educate last mile consumers in India about new technologies? Visit 9,000 villages and engage over 200,000 people.

Insider Insight: Rafiki Power

The International Energy Agency has advised that 45 percent of rural electrification—bringing power to over 480 million people—is best achieved via mini-grids. In a recent Power for All survey, we asked mini-grid providers for their insights on the most important steps policy-makers can take to unlock this potential. In the technology category, standards, clear regulation and fast, low-cost licensing and permitting were all pinpointed as key policy actions

In conversation with Damilola Ogunbiyi, Nigeria Rural Electrification Agency – Power for All

Damilola Ogunbiyi, the managing director of the Nigerian Rural Electrification Agency (REA), is responsible for implementing the Nigerian Off Grid Electrification Program and the Nigerian Electrification Project, a $350 million World Bank facility to rapidly increase the deployment of solar mini grids and solar home systems to bring electricity to the country's 80 million people still living without access to power. She is also responsible for the Energizing Education Program, an effort by the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) to provide uninterrupted electricity to students at 37 federal universities and seven university teaching hospitals through off-grid captive power plants.

In conversation with Andrew Herscowitz, Power Africa – Power for All

During the recent Global Off-Grid Solar Forum, we sat down with Andrew Herscowitz, Coordinator of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Power Africa, to discuss the future of the initiative’s pioneering market-based effort to scale energy access in Sub-Saharan Africa. Power Africa turns 5 years old in June.

Podcast: the emerging South-South nexus in last-mile electrification #SDG7

Girish Shivakumar, the host of Emerging Tech Radio and policy analyst for Customized Energy Solutions, the company powering the Microgrid Initiative for Campus and Rural Opportunities (MICRO) in India, talks with Power for All’s William Brent.

In Conversation with... Sam Slaughter

Sam Slaughter, a founding member of the newly formed Africa Mini-grid Developers Association (AMDA), tells Power for All that it’s time for the mini-grid sector to move past ideation and start executing at scale.

In Conversation with... Harihara Mohapatra

Harihara Mohapatra, COO of The CLEAN Network, spoke with Power for All about the state of the sector in India, and what’s needed to scale decentralized renewable energy.

In Conversation with... Jane Ebinger

Jane Ebinger, SEforALL’s director of policy, had a wide-ranging conversation with Power for All, highlighting gender equality, women’s empowerment, the critical need for supporting human capacity more broadly in order to achieve SDG7, and much more.

In Conversation with... Dr. Youba Sokona

Dr. Sokona is a leader in energy, environment and sustainable development in Africa. Until recently, he oversaw the African Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI), a pledged $10 billion initiative to unlock Africa’s renewable energy potential to deliver 300 GW by 2030.

In Conversation with... Johanna Diecker

Exemptions from tariffs and taxes support young industries, attract companies to new markets, and enable them to reduce the cost of products for consumers—helping millions to access goods and services for the first time. In the energy world, exemptions from tariffs and VAT on decentralized renewable energy (DRE) products, are enabling companies to bridge the affordability barrier.

Will 2017 Break the Billion $ Barrier?

The end of 2016 has seen a volley of investments in decentralized renewable energy (DRE) companies that will see the year out with a bang for the decentralized renewables sector, including $90 million investment into Lumos Global, a joint venture between Off Grid Electric and EDF, a $20 million investment in Fluidic, and an E14.6 million investment in Mobisol, following Investec Asset Management buying a stake in the company in October. It also saw the launch of two innovative—and potentially—game changing initiatives, a $100 million open fund for solar and storage, and the One for All campaign—an independent, global campaign to mobilize new investors to focus 1 percent of their assets on solutions to energy poverty.

Building a Million-Strong Youth Workforce

A year ago we interviewed Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, the outgoing CEO of Sustainable Energy for All. Sharing his insights on levers for change, Dr. Yumkella listed the key elements vital for a shift to a low-carbon future. One such critical factor: training. To achieve universal access to clean power, he explained, we will need to create a new wave of “installers of solar household systems, LPG distributors, service providers and builders of the internet; so that solar systems and other systems will be proliferating in the millions in various economies”.

In Conversation with... Ellen Dorsey

“One For All” is a new civil society campaign that seeks to end energy poverty by ensuring universal access to clean, renewable, and affordable energy by 2030. Comprised of leaders from the global development, faith, philanthropy, women’s rights, and health sectors, One For All is inviting partners to help design and launch a global initiative to call upon mission driven investors to direct 1% of their assets in the form of grants and investment capital toward innovative projects that deliver clean, renewable, and affordable energy around the world.

In Conversation with... Minister Henry Macauley

On 10 May, Sierra Leone launched a pioneering energy revolution to get 250,000 solar lighting and energy products to households and businesses in the country by the end of 2017, and achieve modern energy for all by 2025.

In Conversation with... Desh Deepak Verma

Desh Deepak Verma, Chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission tells us how local communities are already championing clean energy mini-grids and why he is urging a shift to decentralized renewables.

Energy Gang Podcast: Are We Really Solving Global Energy Poverty?

With a 'business as usual' approach to energy access we are anticipated to have more people living in energy poverty in 2030 than we do today.

Michael Liebreich: 3 Trends in Decentralized Renewables and a Revolution

Michael Liebreich, founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, is a pioneer in the renewable energy industry and an inspirational evangelist for the ongoing global energy transition.

In Conversation with... Leigh Vial

Is Nigeria on the cusp of an energy access explosion? The award-winning Solar Nigeria program has already powered 172 schools and 11 health centers and is now working with private partners to bring solar to over 2.5 million homes.

In Conversation with... Erica Mackey

We were excited to catch up with of Erica Mackey, COO and co-Founder of Off-Grid Electric, to hear the latest on the company's pioneering work to catalyze enterprise with their—just launched—'business in a box', 'Light Riders' motorcycle team, M-Power Academy and more.

In Conversation with... Justin Guay

We were lucky to catch Justin Guay, Program Officer for the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, to ask him about the groundbreaking initiatives launched this week by the Indian and US government—in collaboration with leading foundations including Packard—which aim to leverage up to $1 billion in finance for beyond the grid energy solutions.

Power for All talks to ZiFM

ZiFM joined Power for All at our national campaign launch in Zimbabwe. Check out their news report, with highlights from the keynote address by Mr Partson Mbiriri, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Power Development (0.5min), and an interview with National Programs lead, Charlie Miller, on the potential of decentralized renewables to help combat Zimbabwe's energy crisis (1.25min).

In Conversation with... Vivien Foster

Vivien Foster, the World Bank Global Lead for Energy Economics, Markets & Institutions talks to us about the Access Investment Model and how we can reach un-electrified communities faster and most affordably.

In Conversation with... Sheila Oparaocha

Sheila Oparaocha, Programme Manager of ENERGIA—a network of organizations addressing gender and energy issues—and a member of the Power for All Board talks to us about the critical role of women in achieving energy access.