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Interview with Aaron Leopold: The Utilities 2.0 Twaake project

Today Kristina Skierka speaks with Aaron Leopold, the CEO of EnerGrow. EnerGrow is a tech start-up growing sustainable, productive, rural electricity demand in Africa, through an innovative mix of productive asset financing, training and digital ID based technology. The podcast covers a range of topics, including Aaron’s career journey, the importance of appliance finance to drive rural jobs and effective mini-grid business models. A part of Power for All's integrated energy podcast series, this show also does a deep dive into energy access partnerships and the role of productive use and appliance financing in the 2.0 Uganda pilot, Twaake.

The Utilities 2.0 Twaake project in Uganda is a collaboration between centralized and decentralized energy companies including East Africa Power, EnerGrow, Equatorial Power, Power for All, Umeme, The Rockefeller Foundation among other partners with a goal to bring faster connections, increase productive use of electricity, improve grid reliability and stability, reduce grid losses, promote economic growth in rural communities, and improve business profitability.

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