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Interview with Babatomiwa Bayo-Ojo: Promoting Healthcare Service Delivery in Nigeria

Energy poverty is rife in Nigeria and many parts of Africa. Pregnant women still give birth to their babies in the dark, critical surgeries are still carried out using candlelight and torchlights. It’s literally a matter of life and death for many poor sick children because there is no capacity to preserve vaccines in a refrigerated environment. In Nigeria, many primary healthcare centers (PHCs) across the geopolitical zones operate in darkness because they depend on the national electricity grid which is largely unreliable and is augmented with petrol or diesel-powered generator sets.

In this podcast, the focus is on the installation of mini-grids in Karu Primary Health Centre in Abuja, Nigeria, by Volsus Energy. It represents the Volsus Solar for Health (VSFH) mini-grid program which is targeting to install 5,000 units of mini-grids across health centers to improve healthcare delivery services in Nigeria.

Guest: Babatomiwa Bayo-Ojo, CEO/Head of Solar Power Plant Design, Off Grid Power Development and Rural Electrification at Volsus Energy Limited, Nigeria. 

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