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Inspiring Women Leaders in Renewable Energy: Dr Debra Rowe

Our guest in this special episode paying homage to women leaders in the sector is Dr. Debra Rowe, the President of the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development. She speaks with Aashna Aggarwal, Development and Partnerships Manager at Power for All, on her journey into the DRE sector and the importance of gender equity in energy access.  

Dr. Rowe says her career has been dominated by fulfilling the need to give people information so that they can move out of energy poverty, and also ensure that they can own their own energy or at the very least, access affordable energy.

She stresses that gender equality in the DRE will benefit not only the women but everyone - the men, families, future generations, the businesses, the employers, and the governments they become part of.

Dr. Rowe Debra says she is very encouraged as she is seeing more and more women coming into positions of leadership and decision making but it is not happening in all sectors and all arenas. Therefore, the precedence has been set but more efforts are needed so this becomes the norm!

She stresses the importance of addressing unconscious biases in the recruitment of women in the DRE workforce.

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