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Cooling Breakthrough: Conversation w. Ian Tansley, SureChill Founder

SureChill's cutting-edge refrigeration technology, developed by engineer Ian Tansley with 35+ years of renewable energy expertise, has revolutionized cooling systems by utilizing ice and water to maintain stable temperatures for extended periods. This game-changing solution is particularly advantageous for vaccine storage, even in regions with limited electricity access. With over 25,000 fridges sold in 70 countries, SureChill's patented technology has already facilitated the safe delivery of 71 million vaccine doses.

SureChill's success can be attributed to their unwavering commitment to meeting user and community needs. By providing affordable and reliable refrigeration, SureChill empowers farmers to extend the shelf life of perishable goods, boosting their income. Additionally, it enables medical professionals to safely store vaccines and medications. Expanding their product line, SureChill is introducing larger units for agriculture and retail cooling, as well as mains power devices for areas with weak grid connections or individuals seeking greater control over their electricity usage. 

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