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The Future of Decentralized Energy in India: Staying Relevant in a "Post-Access" Market

New webinar: In a country that has declared 100% household access to electricity, is there still a role for private decentralized renewable energy companies?

Roundtable: Uganda’s integrated approach to electrification

Learn how Uganda is working to achieve an integrated approach to electrification by having utilities work with off-grid renewable systems and distributed energy resources to increase connections. Understand how this will stimulate demand and reduce costs to make mini-grids more economical.

Global Food Systems summit 2020

3 November | 09:00 (GMT) This year’s digital Global Food Systems Summit will shed light on how the global agri-food sector is coming together in the aftermath of the pandemic to balance the need for profit with the need to reduce negative ecological and societal impacts.

Energy Transition Strategies Summit 2020

1 - 2 December | 13:00 (GMT) Policymakers, industry experts, and investors will bring the discussion back to the measures and actions now needed to reach the goal of new zero-carbon, the future of power markets, and the strategies to survive and thrive in the energy transition reshaped by a global pandemic.

Mini-grids and Productive Use: Implications for Gender and Social Inclusion

Join Power for All and Energypedia in this live webinar discussion with mini-grids developers, gender specialist, and a data expert as they talk about the opportunities for synergy between the goals of rural electrification with solar mini-grids, women empowerment, and agricultural transformation in Africa.

Africa Summit 2020

12 October | 09:00 (GMT) With the coronavirus pandemic, Africa has been hit by its biggest external shock since independence. Africa's response has been rightly praised, but the health and economic consequences will be severe. The Africa Summit will cover these most pressing issues.

World Energy Storage Day

World Energy Storage Day is celebrated on 22nd September every year by various global industry stakeholders, policy makers, think tanks and associations to acknowledge its importance across the globe.

Digital Energy Festival for Africa

Africa Energy Forum 2020 joins forces with the African Utility Week & POWERGEN Africa and Oil & Gas Council’s Africa Assembly to host Digital Energy Festival for Africa.


The 3rd African Youth SDGs Summit will coincide with the 5-year journey milestone of the SDGs adoption- and will present a critical point of reflection / turning point towards unleashing the full potential of the youth to deliver the SDGs in the next decade. The Summit will convene young leaders, SDG advocates, students, government officials, development practitioners and world leaders for 3-days of constructive dialogues, debates, awards, networking and exchange of knowledge towards attaining the SDG target by 2030.

gridCONNEXT 2019

With the rapid adoption of cost-competitive clean energy, energy storage, and electrified transportation – along with new business and regulatory models supporting resiliency, zero-carbon resources, and customer choice – this event offers an unprecedented opportunity to connect with key stakeholders and explore what’s next in the utility sector.

Future Energy East Africa

Future Energy East Africa is the largest and longest running regional power conference and exhibition in East Africa, making it a well-known and trusted brand. The event boasts both a strategic conference and a large trade exhibition.

Innovation Summit Barcelona 2019

Innovation Summit Barcelona is bringing together the latest innovation and leading-edge technology in energy management and automation with a highly-rated conference program to explore the most influential topics in our industry.

Global Off-Grid Solar Forum & Expo

Organized by GOGLA and The World Bank Group’s Lighting Global Program, the next edition of the Global Off-Grid Solar Forum & Expo will take place in Nairobi, 18 - 20 February 2020.

Off-Grid Energy Access Forum 2019

The Off-Grid Energy Access Forum 2019 is the only conference assessing global investment, market opportunities & technology developments for off-grid energy access at the last mile.

Africa's Agri-preneurs Summit 2019

The Africa's Agripreneurs Summit is a two-day conference bringing together all stakeholders in the African agri-business industry to not only share knowledge on the available market options but also train attendants on key value-addition ventures.

SDG Summit 2019

High-level Political Forum (HLPF) under the 74th Session of the General Assembly: Accelerating the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Webinar Series: Tutorial for using the Platform for Energy Access Knowledge (PEAK)

Power for All launched the Platform for Energy Access Knowledge (PEAK), a new interactive knowledge platform designed to curate, organize, synthesize and transform large, growing bodies of decentralized renewable energy data into “digestible,” shareable and useable information.

4th IOREC Coming to Singapore

This year, the 4th International Off-Grid Renewable Energy Conference (IOREC), organised by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), will be the global platform dedicated for sharing experience and best practices about design and implementation of enabling policies, tailored financing schemes, innovative business models and technology applications for stand-alone and mini-grid systems. The 4th edition of IOREC will be held in Singapore on 31 October - 1 November 2018, during the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW), 2018 as part of Asia Clean Energy Summit – Conference and Exhibition. With over half a billion people in Asia are still without access to electricity, the synergy with the ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting, chaired by Singapore in 2018, and with the Asia Clean Energy Summit, will greatly help highlight the role decentralised renewable energy solutions can play in electrification strategies in the region and beyond, as well as the role of off-grid renewable energy in achieving several of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) will organise an Exhibition in parallel with the Conference. The Exhibition is meant to give the private sector the opportunity to present its products & projects and showcase the technologies & know-how at the forefront of off-grid renewables.

S-@ccess International Conference on Solar Technologies & Hybrid Mini Grids to improve energy access

The main objective of the conference is to provide an opportunity for an exchange between practitioners from the industry, academia and development institutions working in the field of decentralized energy. The conference will cover technical, business and management aspects of solar technologies and mini grids with the aim of sharing experiences, learning from each other and networking. The challenge of energy access for all is of enormous magnitude and only be achievable, if a smart mix of different existing and innovative technologies and approaches is applied according to the needs and the economic potential of the people. In the last years, a multitude of organizations and companies has gained value experiences with the dissemination of solar lanterns, plug-and-play systems and solar home systems either in form of cash sales or Pay-as-you-go approaches. Several international organizations have also tried to scale up installation of solar and hydro mini-grids in rural areas with differing degrees of success. Other organizations focused on solar thermal systems or the development of energy efficient equipment allowing the productive use of DC electricity. The Conference will provide a forum where experts from different disciplines can discuss how universal energy access can be achieved in the most efficient way. The conference will invite acknowledged experts to provide an overview about the status in different technology areas and give room to participants, which want to present their results from scientific research or experiences from the fieldwork.

The Kenya Clean Energy Cycling Caravan

The Tour de France might still be one week away, but in Kenya young people are currently cycling across the country to connect with people who do not have access to energy. During the trip the cyclists are meeting with local communities and government officials to promote renewable energy as a clean solution to lack of energy access, ahead of the Kenyan elections that are taking place on the 8 August. This is part of the Big Shift campaign supported by the African Coalition for Sustainable Energy and Access (ACSEA), the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), Kenya Youth Climate Network and Christian Aid.

5 Ideas to Consider to Make Universal Energy Access a Reality

Our global goal of extending access to modern energy services to all people by 2030 will remain a distant reality unless there is a fundamental shift in how we implement plans to expand access.

Catalyzing National Action

Our Call to Action has been executed at the national level in Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Nigeria through bringing together stakeholders to make commitments to accelerate distributed renewable energy (DRE). Here are some highlights from the launch events:

Women & Power: Female Entrepreneurs Join Nigeria’s Energy Revolution

“If I have 24 women as entrepreneurs using solar technology, I can earn double my earnings and double my business… I am considering becoming a distributor”, advised one of the attendees of last week’s “Economic Empowerment of Women through Decentralized Renewable Energy” workshop held in Abuja.

Guest Post: Unlocking Solar Conference Africa, Thoughts from REAN

Hannah Kabir, REAN Member and CEO of Creeds Energy, shares insights on the Unlocking Solar Capital conference in this guest post.

From Policy to Implementation: Catalyzing Finance in Zimbabwe's DRE Market

“Grid extension is not the best way to reach communities in the rural areas, and the government is continually developing strategies and policies to support private sector investment and ensure a smooth process to facilitate energy access”. Eng. Steve Dihwa, the Principal Director of the Zimbabwe Ministry of Energy and Power Development kicked off a recent finance workshop in Harare by expressing his strong support for the decentralized renewable energy sector, and its key role in ending energy poverty for the 9 million Zimbabweans who currently lack energy access.

Sierra Leone Energy Revolution Picks up Pace

Innovative financing proposals and local media support for energy access were the outcomes of two workshops held in Sierra Leone to propel the Energy Revolution. At the events, Power for All brought together stakeholders to drive engagement and collaboration in support of the country’s efforts to help families and businesses gain energy access.

Nigerian Ministries, Departments & Agencies Get Behind Energy Access Drive

Nearly 70 participants from 25 government ministries, department and agencies (MDAs) joined a workshop hosted by Power for All and its partners to share knowledge on policies, programs, opportunities and challenges in the decentralized renewable energy (DRE) sector.

Zimbabwe: Solar Fair Success

To accelerate access to distributed clean energy in Zimbabwe, Power for All, together with partners including SNV, Practical Action, Zero, Hivos and the Renewable Energy Association of Zimbabwe held a Solar Fair at Domboshava, 29km outside Harare.

Workshop: Zimbabwe Editor Training

On July 29th, Power for All Zimbabwe held an editor's training workshop to showcase the impact of decentralized renewables on homes and businesses, and provide knowledge about the local and global industry. Chiedza Mazaiwana, our in-country Campaign Manager, addressed 10 Senior Editors and Producers from various media outlets in Zimbabwe.

Workshop: Sierra Leone Compact and Energy Revolution

On Thursday 28 July, Power for All Sierra Leone held a successful workshop to further familiarize government officials with the Sierra Leone compact and Energy Revolution targets and activities, and build awareness of the decentralized renewable sector. The workshop particularly focussed on the actions and ownership needed to streamline the importation of solar products, a key part of the country’s plans to catalyse the decentralized solar market and increase access to energy services.

New Markets, New Opportunities

Increasingly off-grid solar enterprises are creating big impact and significant sales outside the more established markets of East Africa and Asia. Power for All were fortunate to host a panel of expert speakers at the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association Annual General Meeting 2016 to learn about the opportunities and challenges of operating in Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

EnergyAccessX: Driving the Energy Future

Clean Energy Ministerial 7 (CEM7), held last week in San Francisco, was historic for a number of reasons—none more so than it was the first CEM to integrate decentralized renewable energy (DRE or DR energy) on the “main stage” of global energy supply conversations via EnergyAccessX.

From Unicorns to Black Swans... EnergyAccessX in pictures

A unicorn on a black swan on Mars? A unique mix of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, technologists, designers and policy experts from around the world came together at EnergyAccessX on June 1, a Clean Energy Ministerial parallel program—and with so many original thinkers in the room, there was no holding back with ideas!

From Ladders to Staircases: Is this the future of energy access?

In the run up to the much anticipated Ashden Awards 2016 on Thursday June 9, the Ashden Conference 2016 is held today to explore the question: Moving up the energy ladder: how can we amplify electricity access? On her way to the event we caught up with Kat Harrison, Associate Director of Impact at Acumen and co-manager of the United Nations Capital Development Fund’s (UNCDF) CleanStart Programme Energy Ladder research, to learn more.

Can Africa leapfrog to a smart energy system?

Speakers from the energy and financial world came together for a panel at the World Economic Forum on Africa, held in Rwanda this week, to discuss a new energy future. The consensus was clear: achieving universal energy access rapidly requires both centralized and decentralized solutions.

Sierra Leone Launches Energy Revolution

President Ernest Bai Koroma opened Sierra Leone’s first-ever national conference on decentralized renewable energy yesterday, pledging energy access for all of the country’s seven million people in less than a decade. The goal, with a focus on household solar solutions, is part of the government’s post-Ebola recovery plan. Currently less than 12 percent of people in urban areas have access to modern energy, around one percent in rural regions.

Energy Access: From Walk... To Talk... To Run

At the World Bank Spring Meetings this month Power for All launched a Call to Action for Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) to End Energy Poverty before 2030: #endenergypovertyfaster. Directors, Kristina Skierka, Christine Eibs Singer and William Brent conducted multiple meetings to advocate for decentralized renewable energy and showcase the “need for speed” in addressing energy poverty.

Join the Conversation: #endenergypovertyfaster

Today, April 14, at the World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings 2016, Power for All issued a Call to Action urging multilateral development banks (MDBs) to accelerate the pace of energy access by taking three key steps: