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The Economic Times Energy Leadership Summit

Is the modern energy industry leader ready for this change? What are the difficulties typically faced in the adoption of the revolution as a way of life for energy sector managers? What are the benefits of early adoption of these newage technologies and, most importantly, how ready is the policy, regulatory and the financial landscape to keep pace with this overhaul? What kind of leadership skill sets would go into driving this bull of change by the horn?

These questions are at the heart of the agenda of the second edition of the Economic Times Energy Leadership Summit. The event builds upon the significant gains from discussions and debates featured in the hugely successful maiden edition of last year, which had hosted top business leaders from the global and the domestic energy industry. This year too, the summit will engage the most prominent faces from the energy ecosystem to help shape the global, regional and local agenda in the energy sector. It will bring together ministers, public sector officials and private industry executives to help create an informed debate on the key attributes of the new world order and to collaborate and discuss latest business trends.

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