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Power for All Clinches Prestigious Ashden Award for Integrated Energy in Africa

LONDON November 14, 2023 - In a significant recognition of its innovative efforts in renewable energy, Power for All’s Utilities 2.0 Project has been announced as the winner of the 2023 Ashden Award for Integrated Energy Africa. This accolade is a part of the globally acclaimed Ashden Awards, which acknowledge organizations at the forefront of tackling the world’s most pressing climate challenges.

The Energy Access Imperative

There is a better path to universal energy access: market-based distributed solutions that directly engage the energy impoverished in creating their own (renewable) energy and controlling their own destinies.

Powering Agriculture Ethiopia: New renewable energy enabled irrigation project to spur agricultural productivity by promoting productive use of renewable energy

Today, the Ministry of Irrigation and Lowlands launched the Powering Agriculture in Ethiopia project in partnership with Power for All, to sustainably energize Ethiopia’s agriculture system utilizing Decentralized Renewable Energy solutions (DREs) for improved productivity and incomes.

Study Shows Jobs in Kenya’s Decentralized Renewable Energy Sector to Reach Pre-Pandemic levels by End of 2022

The Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) sector in Kenya has shown a strong rebound from COVID-19 and continues to create good and stable jobs while delivering clean and affordable energy to the 25 percent of the population living without access to electricity, a majority of whom are in remote rural areas.

Nigerian Decentralized Renewable Energy Sector Jobs on Path to More Than Double by 2023

Research shows Nigeria has the fastest sector job growth; jobs expected to exceed 76,000 in 2023, up from 32,000 in 2019, overtaking the oil and gas sector.

Power for All Releases Distributed Renewable Energy Job Report-Focus on India

Power for All presents the second edition of the Powering Jobs Census and notes that India is set to see gains in employment in the next two years, while facing challenges in rural and peri-urban areas.

New integrated energy model to reduce electrification cost in Uganda

Today, the state minister of Energy and Mineral Development, Honorable Okaasai Sidronius Opolot, commissioned a 40kWp mini grid in Kiwumu, Mukono district in Uganda to power 300 households and 60 local businesses.

Utilities 2.0 Twaake Pilot: New integrated energy approach could deliver universal electrification in Uganda for half the cost, fraction of the time as grid-only

Today, a coalition of global energy sector leaders launched a first-of-its-kind integrated energy pilot in Uganda. Led by Uganda’s largest power utility, Umeme, coordinated by Power for All and funded by The Rockefeller Foundation, the Utilities 2.0 Twaake pilot project unites Umeme Ltd, the centralized power utility company and several leading Uganda-based distributed renewable energy companies (DREs) to provide affordable, reliable, and clean power for all in what has been described as the utilities of the future.

Ten Steps to Improving Rural Health Care in India

Health care and energy coalition release action plan to achieving universal health care powered by distributed clean energy.

Indian Leaders Call for Improvement in Rural Healthcare via Solarization of Clinics

Today, nearly 20 leaders from think tanks, research groups, renewable energy companies, sustainable development organizations, industry associations, and health care services have come together to publish an open letter calling for action, making the case for solarizing all unelectrified sub-centres in rural India, clearly outlining steps needed to get us to that goal.

Umeme kicks off a global partnership pilot to identify new approaches to clean energy access in Uganda

Power for All, Umeme Ltd., Makerere University, The Rockefeller Foundation and a coalition of decentralized renewable energy companies launches Utilities 2.0 partnership pilot in Uganda's Mukono District to establish whether appliance financing can accelerate the productive use of electricity to stimulate customer demand and improve grid performance

25X25 Electricity Access Acceleration Collaborative Among Top 100 Proposals For MacArthur $100 Million Grant

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation today unveiled that “25x25: End Energy Poverty Faster,” submitted by the 25x25 Electricity Access Acceleration Collaborative, was one of the highest-scoring proposals, designated as the Top 100, in its 100&Change competition for a single $100 million grant to help solve one of the world's most critical social challenges.

Solar Veteran Adam Browning Joins Power for All Board of Directors

Power for All is pleased to announce that Adam Browning, the co-founder and Executive Director of Vote Solar, has joined its Board of Directors.

Leading investors “strongly encourage” donors to provide more effective support for mini-grids in Africa

Diverse group of investors with over $2.0 billion under management say well-designed Results-Based Financing (RBF) for mini-grids will accelerate access to electricity for 600 million people in Africa, and unlock significant private capital.

News Release: Utilities 2.0 coalition unveils vision for utility of the future in low energy access countries; announces 1st demonstration

Power for All, Umeme Ltd., The Rockefeller Foundation and a coalition of decentralized renewable energy companies target win-win-win business models that accelerate electricity access, while benefiting utilities, the private sector and energy-poor consumers.

First Annual Powering Jobs Census Released, Showing Large Employment Opportunity

Power for All has released the first annual jobs census measuring employment from decentralized renewables for rural electrification in Africa and Asia, Powering Jobs Census 2019: the Energy Access Workforce.

#PoweringJobs Launched to Build Energy Access Workforce

Global campaign to create employment-ready workforce to scale distributed renewable energy solutions in emerging economies in Asia and Africa; women and youth are key focus for millions of expected jobs.

Power for All Helps Accelerate Rates of Electrification to End Energy Poverty in South West Nigeria

Power for All, a global advocacy campaign for distributed renewable energy (DRE) is helping policymakers, faith-based institutions, civil society organizations and trade associations in the South West region to use renewable energy solutions to accelerate the rate of electrification and end energy poverty in the region.

Policymakers in Nigeria’s South South Region Benefit From Workshop on Decentralized Renewable Energy

CALABAR, June 18th, 2018—Power for All, a global advocacy campaign for distributed renewable energy (DRE), conducted two workshops for policymakers, faith-based institutions, civil society organizations and trade associations in the South-South region of Nigeria on how to use DRE solutions to accelerate the rate of electrification and end energy poverty in the region.

Kerosene-replacement Workshops Find Broad Support in Nigeria Regions

ABUJA, Nigeria, March 23, 2018—Power for All, a global advocacy campaign for distributed renewable energy (DRE), has concluded two workshops in the North-Central and South-East regions of Nigeria on phasing out inefficient lighting such as kerosene lamps, and enabling a transition to the use of clean, distributed lighting solutions.

Kickoff of DRE Task Force

ABUJA, February 15, 2018—A Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) Taskforce to accelerate modern energy access initiatives was launched today by a coalition of partners.

Major India Player Azure Enters Mini-grid Market for Last-mile Electrification

The NYSE-traded company, which has a portfolio of over 1.6 GW in 22 states, unveils M-Power, its new business focused on bringing power to rural households across India, and is the latest major energy company to enter the mini-grid sector

Power For All Partner Oolu​ Completes​ ​Series​ ​A​ ​Fundraising​ ​to​ ​Expand​ ​its​ ​Work​ ​in​ ​West​ ​Africa

Oolu, a Senegal-based Y Combinator start-up and one of the fastest-growing solar companies in Africa, announced the successful completion of a US$3.2 million round of equity investment. This Series A funding follows its seed round in 2015, and will support Oolu’s continued growth as it seeks to address the energy needs of the more than 150 million people who live without access to electricity in West Africa.

Solar Sister Joins Power for All Campaign

Solar Sister, the world’s first women-led social enterprise eradicating energy poverty at scale by investing in women as clean energy entrepreneurs and leaders, has joined the Power for All campaign.

Power for All Report Pinpoints Policies to Accelerate Energy Access for 1 Billion Rural Poor

April 4, 2017—A groundbreaking report released today by Power for All identifies the five most important national energy policies needed to end electricity poverty for approximately 1 billion rural poor (mostly living in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia), and outlines the steps governments can take to implement those policies, in particular the integration of decentralized renewable (also known as distributed or “off-grid”) solutions into energy infrastructure planning and build-out.

Sierra Leone Makes Bold Commitments to Universal Energy Access

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone, March 22, 2017—The Sierra Leone Government, civil society and private sector joined forces today in a Call to Action on energy access. At the event, attended by the Energy Minister and leading civil society and private sector representatives, each group made powerful commitments to undertake activities that will accelerate the growth of the decentralized renewable energy (DRE) market—vital for reaching 6 million people living in energy poverty.

Nigeria Launches Call to Action for DRE

The Government of Nigeria, civil society and private sector joined forces last week in a Call to Action on energy access. At the event, attended by Federal Ministry of Power Permanent Secretary, Engineer Louis Edozien, a range of companies, civil society organizations and the rural electrification agency made powerful commitments to undertake activities that will accelerate the growth of the distributed renewable energy (DRE) market—vital for reaching Nigeria’s unelectrified population, which has grown from 44 million to 75 million since 1990 (SE4ALL, 2015).

Deutsche Bank joins Power for All campaign

Deutsche Bank AG, which recently received Green Climate Fund (GCF) financial support to launch a $3.5 billion debt fund for decentralized renewable energy, has joined the Power for All campaign.

Solar Road Show Brings the Energy Revolution to People Across Sierra Leone

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone, December 21, 2016—A series of solar fairs and activities were held across the country last week, and will continue in 2017. The “Solar Road Show” was held to raise awareness of the power of decentralized solar energy as part of the Sierra Leone Energy Revolution.

First-of-Kind Solar Pilot in Sierra Leone

Microfinance institutions and renewable energy companies unite to launch first-of-its-kind household solar pilot

News Release: Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria - Launched

Lagos, Nov. 24, 2016 -- Today industry leaders come together for the launch of the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN) at the West African Power Industry Convention. The launch will be attended by guests from over 100 organizations working in, and supporting, the renewable energy sector in Nigeria.

News Release: Community and Civil Society Organizations join the quest to bring clean power to Sierra Leone

Freetown, Nov. 22, 2016 -- Today, community and civil society organizations came together to support the Sierra Leone Energy Revolution, and join the quest to bring clean solar power to all by 2025.

News Release: Sierra Leone Reports Progress with "Energy Revolution" Campaign

Freetown, Oct 28, 2016 -- The Government of Sierra Leone today provided an update on the progress of its Energy Revolution initiative to supply basic power to all of its citizens by 2025.

100+ Partners Driving Power for All

London, Oct. 12, 2016 - Power for All, a global campaign to radically accelerate the adoption of renewable, decentralized energy solutions and eradicate energy poverty, announced today that it surpassed its pledge to recruit 100 civil society and private sector partners. The achievement signifies the increasingly important role that rooftop solar and renewable energy micro-grids will have in achieving universal energy access before 2030.

News Release: LOCAL Banks explore ways to support the Sierra Leone Energy Revolution

22 SEPTEMBER 2016: Today, representatives from all commercial banks and micro-finance institutions in Sierra Leone join officials from the government and members of the Renewable Energy Association in a workshop to establish ways the financial sector can help to catalyze the household solar market to accelerate energy access.

News Release: Powering Energy Access

21 SEPTEMBER 2016: Today, 25 media houses join a workshop to learn about decentralized solar technologies and how they will help to bring clean, modern energy services to millions of people across Sierra Leone.

News Release: Power for All Releases New Framework for Accelerating Energy Access

Lusaka, May 25, 2016 -- At the African Development Bank (AfDB) annual meeting today, Power for All released a new framework for achieving universal energy access before 2030, which outlines specific actions multilateral development banks (MDBs) can and should take to expedite delivery of electricity to the 1.1 billion people living without access to modern energy services. The framework, which was previewed at the World Bank Spring Meetings in April, is contained in a report titled “Decentralized Energy: the Fast-Track to Universal Energy Access”.

News Release: Development Bank Call to Action

Power for All Launches Call to Action for Development Banks to End Energy Poverty before 2030

First-of-Its-Kind Energy Access Research Project Launched

We are excited to announce a new partnership between Power for All and the the University of California, Berkeley’s Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL)—an energy research and international deployment center— to build a Platform for Energy Access Knowledge (PEAK).