News Release: Powering Energy Access

Powering Energy Access: The Sierra Leone Media Joins the Energy Revolution

21 SEPTEMBER 2016: Today, 25 media houses join a workshop to learn about decentralized solar technologies and how they will help to bring clean, modern energy services to millions of people across Sierra Leone.

The workshop facilitated by the Renewable Energy advisor to the President, Mr. Serry-Kamal, is being held to provide the press with more information on decentralized renewable technologies—including solar, mini-grids and micro hydro—which will help to address the energy needs of the country. The workshop also provides an opportunity for the media to ask questions about the Sierra Leone Energy Revolution launched on 10 May 2016.

Speakers include:

  •  Dr. Kelleh Mansaray, Head of UNIDO in Sierra Leone, presenting on the global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy
  • Kevin Johnston, Renewable Energy Advisor at PRESSD, presenting on the organisation’s schools campaigns which are enabling communities to buy clean, solar power
  • Robin Mansaray, Director of Renewables at the Ministry of Energy, presenting on the government’s work to accelerate energy access by including decentralized renewables into the energy mix

Attendees will also hear about the newly formed Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone and the Power for All campaign.

Power for All Campaign Leader, Aminata Dumbuya, said:

"The Sierra Leone Energy Revolution has provided an important way to catalyse clean energy access in the country, and it is fantastic to see the media get behind the initiative. By working together and raising awareness of the potential of decentralized renewables we can give communities across the country the vital opportunity to switch from expensive batteries, torches and generators to more affordable, safer and cleaner power.”

Switching from expensive battery powered torches and kerosene to solar lighting in Sierra Leone will save the country’s residents $105 million per year, whilst larger decentralized renewable products can be used to power enterprises, health services, schools and agriculture. The Sierra Leone Energy Revolution aims to enable families across the country to access clean energy services, including solar lights and home systems. Projects to power communities, hospitals and schools via micro hydro plants and solar mini-grids are also underway.

For more information, quotes and images, please contact Power for All Sierra Leone Campaign Leader Ami Dumbuya:

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