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Energy access in India is a $48 billion dollar a year opportunity. The country has the most unelectrified people of any country in the world. It is also the biggest single market for distributed renewable energy (DRE) solutions. Below is an infographic th…

Data access is critical to achieving electricity access

One of the biggest gaps identified by the decentralized renewable energy (DRE) sector is access to quality data and research. The African Development Bank (AfDB) for instance recently said lack of reliable data is one of the single most critical challenge…
enterprise being deployed in India. As the head of PEAK and Power for All

Are mini-grids about to get really boring (and boom)?

Mini-grids have had their fair share of hype in recent years, so a measure of skepticism is warranted, especially when you consider the multiple challenges that have prevented them from scaling: access to affordable capital, uncertain policies, unpredicta…
you still get different answers. In IndiaCAPEX subsidies for the centralized grid. In India for example… Countries like India and Nigeria… you still get different answers. In India

Policy spotlight: Nigeria & India lead on mini-grids

India has roughly 300 million people without access to electricity, and Nigeria about 100 million. Together, the countries account for some 40% of the world’s total unelectrified population, and that percentage is even higher if you just include rural inh…
India has roughly 300 million people without acces… Below are highlights of the policies. INDIA Definition…India Smart Power India partners. India issued its draft mini

With a Few Tweaks, India Can Lead Rural Electrification With Real-Time Data and Smarter Metrics

India’s Draft National Energy Policy, published by NITI Aayog on June 27, proposes to change the national definition of village electrification. The change would only consider a village fully electrified if all households enjoy adequate hours of power sup…
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“Green Fund” needed to unlock finance and achieve India's clean energy goals

Momentum is building as India moves towards meeting its clean energy targets. Recognizing the tremendous growth potential and opportunity to overhaul India’s energy sector, the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy convened policymakers, investors and key cl…
Momentum is building as India moves towards meeting its clean energy targe…growth potential and opportunity to overhaul Indiacus on accelerating the market and achieving India

India: Ground Zero for Scaling Electricity Access and SDG7

For good reason, sub-Saharan Africa gets much of the attention when it comes to electricity access. It is home to more than 600 million energy poor spread across nearly 50 countries. But it is likely going to be India--by itself home to roughly 300 millio…
y 50 countries. But it is likely going to be Indiaeliable and sustainable energy by 2030. India has a strong central government with support… as saying all households will be powered in India by May 1

Partner perspective: It's about access, not electrification

India currently reports 99.4% electrification, yet there are 304 million people who still lack access to electricity according to the recent draft of the National Energy Policy (NEP) issued by the government’s policy thinktank NITI Aayog.
India currently reports 99.4… in India the definition of electrification in rural a… of India it would seem that India needs to rapidly add generation capacity. Ho

New National Energy Policy Redefines Rural “Electrification”, Sees States Taking Lead

India has put forward a sweeping roadmap for its energy future, including the role it foresees for distributed renewables as it moves to create universal electricity access by 2022, and an energy revolution by 2040, by which time India’s population will b…
India has put forward a sweeping roadmap for its e… by which time India especially in rural India.… The NEP counts Indiay agreed that the vast electricity demand of India cannot be met by decentralized solutions in