Campaign Updates: June 2023

In Ethiopia, Power For All has entered into a pivotal partnership with the Ethiopian Solar Energy Development Association (ESEDA). As part of this collaboration, Power For All is set to provide Technical Assistance to revise the customs handbook that was initially developed by ACE-TAF two years ago. This revision will incorporate Productive Use of Energy (PUE) products, representing a significant step towards broadening the scope of renewable energy products in the Ethiopian market. Alongside this, Power For All is also working on drafting a strategic document for ESEDA, outlining its plan of action for the upcoming five years. This strategy document will feature recommendations on structuring the Taskforce and on devising action plans that ensure the effective implementation of the proposed strategy.

Power For All has also been actively participating in major events and initiatives aimed at promoting renewable energy in Ethiopia. Notably, the organization was part of the "Unlocking Solar Capital'' event organized by GOGLA in collaboration with Solar Plaza, which was held from May 31 - June 1. At this event, Power For All had fruitful discussions with the GOGLA team on the market assessment and PUE roadmap currently being developed by Precise Consult. Additionally, Power For All discussed a collaboration with CLASP to help provide capacity building for bankable private sector proposals by accessing resources from the Results Based Financing (RBF) Facility. Moreover, Power For All attended a Stakeholders’ meeting organized by SNV on PUE intervention initiatives for the DREAM project.

On the research front, Power For All has made significant strides in preparing for a PUE market assessment survey. The questionnaires for the survey have been finalized and CGIAR has hired an independent data-collecting firm to commence the survey. Power For All is set to provide data quality assurance once data collection commences in July 2023.

Moving to India, Power For All has been involved in local initiatives in the state of Jharkhand. The organization held a closed group roundtable discussion in collaboration with the Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotions Society (JSLPS). This meeting involved 15 civil society partners and focused on the role of the distributed renewable Energy (DRE) Framework for the state.

Looking forward, Power For All has planned several activities to continue advancing its mission in India. In July 2023, the organization will work to finalize a position paper on different technologies. Power For All is also planning to co-organize a session on the DRE framework with GOGLA during the South Asia DRE forum in August 2023. Additionally, Power For All will hold a webinar in August with the Farmer Produce Organization in the state of Jharkhand to discuss the learnings from using PUE technologies and access to finance.

In Uganda, Power For All has made notable contributions to the renewable energy landscape. Power for All developed an Action Plan for scaling the Productive Use of Renewable Energy (PURE) in Uganda’s agriculture sector. To further this work, Power for All participated in a Technical Working Group meeting on the PURE Roadmap, organized by USEA (Uganda Solar Energy Association) and GOGLA where they provided critical input to the roadmap, based on key recommendations from Power for All’s Powering Agriculture Action Plan.

Finally, on a global scale, Power For All continues to advocate for renewable energy. The organization is participating in side events at high-profile international gatherings such as the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF), the UN Food Systems Stocktake Moment, and Africa Climate Week. Power for All, recently co-organized a roundtable with VENRO on the topic “ Powering Equality - Addressing Energy Poverty and Inequalities in Just Transition” at the sidelines of the HLPF in New York. Additionally, Power For All plans to publish an opinion piece with VENRO to share the outcomes of the HLPF and the roundtable discussion.

Looking forward, Power for All will host a side event on the Productive Use of Renewable Energy with IRENA and FAO at the Stocktake Moment in Rome on the 24th of July,2023. Registration details for this event can be found here.

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