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40% of rural consumers dissatisfied with state grid: India report

Despite huge progress toward 100% electrification in India, a new study finds the reality quite different, with a huge need to focus on customer satisfaction

Universal Rural Electrification in India? Not So Fast

Despite progress, India’s rural electrification problem remains far from resolved. There are likely tens of millions of people without electric light at home, and some of the gains so far could be reversed when the harsh reality of irregular and unpredictable electric billing hits India’s rural poor.

Forging Better Lives with Solar in India

Blacksmiths and other craftsmen in rural India—with the help of distributed solar power, local financing yet minimal innovation—are creating a path to better livelihoods with the support of SELCO Foundation.

Power for All
in India

Power for All’s work in India is focused on building a powerful, evidence-based global narrative for the country’s decentralized renewable energy (DRE) sector. Collaborating closely with key private sector, civil society, public policy, research and finance partners based in India, the multi-stakeholder coalition is using data, content and storytelling to make an irrefutable case for the central role of DRE in last-mile electrification.

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In Conversation with Dr. Chetan Singh Solanki

A team at the India Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mumbai has pioneered a new solar electric cookstove for India. Can it bring the two sides of SDG7—clean cooking and electricity access—together? Power for All spoke with team leader, Dr. Chetan Singh Solanki, about a village pilot under way, and the potential to scale.

Fact Sheet: Mini-Grids in India: Mini-Grid Finance and Business Models

India has seen rising investment in mini-grids, which can help accelerate India’s universal energy access goals. In our second fact sheet on India mini-grids, we explore the different business models being deployed in India, with their successes and challenges.

Fact Sheet: Mini-Grids In India: Mini-Grid Market Highlights and Policy

As one the world’s leading mini-grid markets, India can scale the role of private rural utilities to help meet domestic and international energy access challenges. In the first of two fact sheets, we look at the current state of the Indian mini-grid sector and the challenges it faces.