6 JUNE 2017 | Jaipur-based Frontier Markets is pursuing a energy revolution in rural India through the power of women. The start-up is expecting to more than double to 500,000 the number of households it reaches with distributed renewable power solutions this year. At the same time, it will increase five-fold to 5,000 its network of women entrepreneurs, while more than doubling its network of retail partners to 5,000 as well.


SEforALL Forum
April 3-5

New York, USA

World Bank Civil Society Policy Forum
April 20

Washington, DC, USA

The Solar Future Nigeria
April 25-26

Lagos, Nigeria

May 22-25

Barcelona, Spain


Decentralized Energy: New year, new opportunities for distributed renewables
24 JAN 2016 | By Susie Wheeldon & William Brent
With the new year come new opportunities for decentralized energy around the world. From NGOs to utilities, government initiatives to investor-driven funds, established bases to new frontiers and across the technology spectrum, decentralized renewables and energy storage are entering 2017 on a high note.  

ESI Africa: Exclusive interview with Ify Malo, Nigeria campaign director for Power for All
18 OCT 2016 | With Ify Malo
“One opportunity we see currently is the huge investor interest in the renewable energy market in Nigeria. There is a significant uptick of renewable energy investments in the country, and it is clear that Nigeria is on the cusp of an energy revolution.”

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Power for All Report Pinpoints Policies to Accelerate Energy Access for 1 Billion Rural Poor
04 APR 2017 | A groundbreaking report released today by Power for All identifies the five most important national energy policies needed to end electricity poverty for approximately 1 billion rural poor. 

First of Kind Solar Pilot in Sierra Leone
01 DEC 2016 | Today the Sierra Leone Association for Microfinance Institutions and the Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone  launched a pioneering household solar pilot project. The pilot—which will enable 1000 families to affordably purchase clean, safe home solar units.

Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria - Launched
24 NOV 2016 | Today industry leaders come together for the launch of the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN) at the West African Power Industry Convention. The launch will be attended by guests from over 100 organizations working in, and supporting, the renewable energy sector in Nigeria.

100+ Partners Driving Power for All
12 OCT 2016 | Power for All, a global campaign to radically accelerate the adoption of renewable, decentralized energy solutions and eradicate energy poverty, announced today that it surpassed its pledge to recruit 100 civil society and private sector partners. 

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Thomson Reuters Foundation News: Multi-billion dollar Africa-India partnership aims to eradicate energy poverty
12 JUNE 2017 | Pieces are falling into place for an important collaboration between India and Africa to end energy poverty. The stakes are high, as sub-Saharan Africa and India account for over 80 percent of the world’s 1.1 billion unelectrified. “Utility in a Box” — a mini-grid solution for scaling last-mile connectivity
11 JUNE 2017 | Prototypes of an integrated, standardized “Utility in a Box” (UiB) are being deployed in rural India starting this month, with the goal of significantly reducing the cost of mini-grid systems and contributing more significantly to India’s goal of national electrification by 2019. Mini-grids fuelling micro-enterprise in rural India
7 JUNE 2017 | Rajni Shukla was struggling to make ends meet for her family on the meagre earnings of her husband. Meeting the growing needs of two young school-going children meant that she had to pick up odd sewing jobs from the women in her village.
India sees launch of 1st solar TV service

6 JUNE 2017 | Simpa Networks, a leader in providing affordable solar power to households and businesses in rural India, today announced the launch of Magic TV, the country’s first solar-powered Pay-as-you-Go (PAYG) satellite TV solution.

Photo: Practical Action

Photo: Practical Action It’s time for a grid, mini-grid marriage in India
5 JUNE 2017 | India is pursuing national electrification at a breakneck pace, but in order for last-mile connectivity to become a reality for all Indians, better coordination is needed between grid operators and private mini-grid ESCOs, according to a new report.

Photo: Mathieu Young

Photo: Mathieu Young

NESG Economic and Policy Review Journal: Distributed Renewable Energy: The Answer to Nigeria's Energy Access Challenge
31 MAY 2017 | Nigeria has one of the greatest energy access challenges in the world, with an un-electrified population of 75 million people. Likewise, the cost of the energy access deficit is huge.

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