Power for All partner IISD produces exceptional analysis focused on energy subsidies worldwide through its Global Subsidies Initiative. New data reveals that India's government is giving short shrift to decentralized renewables when handing out energy subsidies. In fact, less than 1% of all subsidies go to distributed renewables, IISD discovered in a new report, India's Energy Transition: Mapping energy subsidies to fossil fuels and clean energy in India. The tradeoff for ignoring decentralized solutions? Annual coal subsidies in India are enough to pay for 114 million solar lamps.

For more, see the DRE-specific fact sheet that our PEAK research team produced in collaboration with IISD, as well as a deeper look at the topic on our Powering Rural India channel:

Download the Research Summary: An Overview of Indian Electricity Sector Subsidies  (164 kb)