Press Releases First Annual Powering Jobs Census Released, Showing Large Employment Opportunity

Power for All has released the first annual jobs census measuring employment from decentralized renewables for rural electrification in Africa and Asia, Powering Jobs Census 2019: the Energy Access Workforce.

Calls to Action #PoweringJobs Campaign Overview

#PoweringJobs is a global campaign to ensure the required energy access workforce exists, and has the necessary skills to achieve sustainable energy for all. Women and youth are a core focus of this advocacy campaign.

Fact Sheets Fact Sheet: Jobs and Decentralized Renewable Energy

Globally, the off-grid renewable energy industry is expected to create at least 4.5 million direct jobs by 2030.

About the campaign

Energy Access
at Work

#PoweringJobs is a global campaign to ensure that the needed skills and jobs in clean, distributed energy are created to achieve universal electricity access for 1 billion people, and to employ the energy workforce of the future, especially women and youth. The campaign will create powerful evidence and stories to elevate and legitimize skills and training, and ensure building the new energy workforce is at the center of international and national development policy.

The campaign is made possible with the support of the Schneider Electric Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation.



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#PoweringJobs is made up of multilateral organizations, educational and training institutions, large and small companies, civil society groups and others:


Some recent and upcoming events we will be attending worldwide:

2019 PAGE Ministerial Conference
January 10–11, 2019

Cape Town, South Africa

Sigma Summit
January 28, 2019

Delhi, India

One Planet Summit
March  14, 2019

Nairobi, Kenya

Global Festival of Action
May 2-4, 2019

Bonn, Germany

International Labour Conference
June 10–21, 2019

Geneva, Switzerland

SEforALL Charets
June 18–20, 2019

The Netherlands

High-Level Political Forum
July 9–18, 2019

New York, United States