Energy equity is a full harvest

What does it mean to have energy equity? Energy equity means that the farmer in rural Uganda doesn’t have to worry about reduced harvest yields, food spoilage, or a loss in revenues. It means residents of nearby villages don’t have to walk long distances to process their maize or worry about the uncertainties of climate change on their food supply.

Campaign Update: March 2022

Our Powering Jobs campaign kicked off its first steering committee meetings with key stakeholders at the global and national levels. The U2.0 campaign held a briefing session with key project partners to share the insights and findings from the pilot research. As part of the Powering Agriculture campaign, our CEO, Kristina Skierka, facilitated a meeting on productive use of renewable energy for an agriculture action plan with key stakeholders in Kampala, Uganda.

Campaign Update: September 2020

Power for All organized a national action roundtable on powering India's rural health clinics and a media workshop in Uganda on agriculture/energy, supported the launch of AMDA's first minigrid industry benchmark report, and hosted two Energy Catalyst peer-to-peer learning sessions. Also, learn about new team members and our participation in upcoming events, including Africa Energy Forum 2020.

Building Partnerships for an Integrated Energy Approach - Experience from the Utilities 2.0 project

Power for All, in partnership with Equatorial Power, Energrow, East African Power and Umeme Uganda Ltd, has the pleasure to invite you to a virtual webinar on Building Partnerships for an Integrated Energy Approach: Utilities 2.0 Project (Uganda) Experience.