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To kick start the energy revolution in May 10, 2016. Energy Minister, Henry Macauley, signs the Energy Africa compact with Nick Hurd, UK Department for International Development

November: Campaign Update

Find out about recent activities and the up-coming events where Power for All is profiling decentralized renewables—and get involved!

Nairobi, 1-2 November: Unlocking Solar Capital Africa

Christine Eibs-Singer, Power for All Director of Global Advocacy will chair a panel on unlocking mainstream capital at the Unlocking Solar Capital Africa conference at the start of the month. The conference, organized by the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association and Solar Plaza will also focus on start up enterprises, working capital and PAYGO business models.

Marrakech, 7-18 November: COP22

At COP22, Power for All will be represented by Aaron Leopold, Deputy Director of Global Advocacy—who will be profiling the power of decentralized to eliminate CO2 and black carbon emissions, whilst rapidly enabling clean energy access? Please get in touch if you would like to connect.

Gweru, 17 November: Renewable Energy Policy Draft Review Meeting

The draft Renewable Energy Policy for Zimbabwe has been developed and a multi-stakeholders’ review meeting will be held in Gweru. Power for All and partners will be part of the meeting to review and input into the strategic national document.

Lagos, 23-24 November: West African Power Industry Convention

Power for All lead in Nigeria, Ify Malo will be a panelist at the West African Power Industry Convention in Lagos. Speakers at the event will analyse the impact of embedded power generation and the next steps required for an enabling environment for power project implementation.

Harare, 29 November-2nd December: Clean Energy Week

Running in its third year, the Clean Energy Week is a Zimbabwe platform that addresses the accelerated deployment of clean energy. It seeks to bring in all energy players to discuss, debate and review key opportunities and challenges in the sector. We are delighted that this year’s theme is on the power of partnerships which will include public, private and communities working together to achieve Universal Energy Access. For more information contact info(at)

October Highlight: Sierra Leone Energy Revolution Progress Report


October saw a the Government of Sierra Leone provide an update on the Energy Revolution highlighting the rapid policy progress that has taken place over the first months—including a pilot finance scheme, elimination of taxes and tariffs and a ‘Green Lane’ at customs for quality products. See the News Release as well as an audio Q&A with Energy Minister, Henry Macauley, for details of other key actions taken, and a call for greater investment support as the initiative moves into the next phase.

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