S-@ccess International Conference on Solar Technologies & Hybrid Mini Grids to improve energy access

The main objective of the conference is to provide an opportunity for an exchange between practitioners from the industry, academia and development institutions working in the field of decentralized energy. The conference will cover technical, business and management aspects of solar technologies and mini grids with the aim of sharing experiences, learning from each other and networking. The challenge of energy access for all is of enormous magnitude and only be achievable, if a smart mix of different existing and innovative technologies and approaches is applied according to the needs and the economic potential of the people. In the last years, a multitude of organizations and companies has gained value experiences with the dissemination of solar lanterns, plug-and-play systems and solar home systems either in form of cash sales or Pay-as-you-go approaches. Several international organizations have also tried to scale up installation of solar and hydro mini-grids in rural areas with differing degrees of success. Other organizations focused on solar thermal systems or the development of energy efficient equipment allowing the productive use of DC electricity. The Conference will provide a forum where experts from different disciplines can discuss how universal energy access can be achieved in the most efficient way. The conference will invite acknowledged experts to provide an overview about the status in different technology areas and give room to participants, which want to present their results from scientific research or experiences from the fieldwork.

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Catalyzing National Action

Our Call to Action has been executed at the national level in Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Nigeria through bringing together stakeholders to make commitments to accelerate distributed renewable energy (DRE). Here are some highlights from the launch events:

Women & Power: Female Entrepreneurs Join Nigeria’s Energy Revolution

“If I have 24 women as entrepreneurs using solar technology, I can earn double my earnings and double my business… I am considering becoming a distributor”, advised one of the attendees of last week’s “Economic Empowerment of Women through Decentralized Renewable Energy” workshop held in Abuja.

Guest Post: Unlocking Solar Conference Africa, Thoughts from REAN

Hannah Kabir, REAN Member and CEO of Creeds Energy, shares insights on the Unlocking Solar Capital conference in this guest post.

From Policy to Implementation: Catalyzing Finance in Zimbabwe's DRE Market

“Grid extension is not the best way to reach communities in the rural areas, and the government is continually developing strategies and policies to support private sector investment and ensure a smooth process to facilitate energy access”. Eng. Steve Dihwa, the Principal Director of the Zimbabwe Ministry of Energy and Power Development kicked off a recent finance workshop in Harare by expressing his strong support for the decentralized renewable energy sector, and its key role in ending energy poverty for the 9 million Zimbabweans who currently lack energy access.