Campaign Update: May 2020

A new dashboard of Power for All's various media channels shows the important role we're playing in communicating about the sector. We also coordinated a call to action to solarize unelectrified health clinics in rural in India that is expanding to Africa, and joined a webinar on the opportunity for solar DC appliances and were featured on a leading energy podcast.

Designing Energy Markets of the Future

The decentralized renewable energy (DRE) sector has helped 100 million people gain access to clean energy, saved billions of dollars for families living under the poverty line, and improved health, welfare and education––and it has done so with only limited planning and policy support. So what would success look like with more support, and which policies would make the most difference? Our March newsletter explores the findings of a Power for All DRE company survey on the most effective levers for market growth. In this article, learn which actions practitioners think would turbo charge energy access

Repurposing the COVID-19 Response for SDG 7

Power for All was launched 5 years ago today on May 21, 2015. It's a time to celebrate, but also a time to reflect. We face great disruption in the world, compounded by an unprecedented health crisis. Our CEO Kristina Skierka writes about Power for All's incredible journey, our successes and struggles, and explores the road ahead for the decentralized renewable energy sector.

When Power is Life or Death

Access to electricity saves lives. Lack of it can take them. Yet universal healthcare's reliance on energy is still not given enough attention in the fight for sustainable development. Energy underpins modern healthcare, whether through connectivity to telemedicine, safe delivery of babies, or refrigeration of vaccines. The stakes couldn't be higher, and international focus on strengthening health systems must put energy front and center.

Powering Health across Africa through COVID-19 and a Changing Climate

Daily power shortages at health clinics and hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa are a counteracting force towards universal health coverage. Decentralized renewable energy solutions are more reliable and much quicker to deploy presenting a huge opportunity for electrification of health facilities across developing rural communities.

A Case For More "Screen Time"

The concept of a ‘digital divide’ is about 20 years old. Yet nearly 60% of the world's population is still not connected to the internet. The rise of distributed renewables is changing the connectivity equation - for consumers, telecom companies, schools and health clinics.

Video: Energy and Health Miniseries

Innovative solutions are emerging to address the interdependence between energy and health. See some of the impactful work happening around the world, bringing electricity to the most remote healthcare facilities.

Campaign Update: September 2020

Power for All organized a national action roundtable on powering India's rural health clinics and a media workshop in Uganda on agriculture/energy, supported the launch of AMDA's first minigrid industry benchmark report, and hosted two Energy Catalyst peer-to-peer learning sessions. Also, learn about new team members and our participation in upcoming events, including Africa Energy Forum 2020.

The other health crisis

An estimated 400 million people depend on health facilities that have no access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. A further 100 million are pushed into poverty every year as a result of health care expenditures. Is coronavirus the real threat to global health?

Africa Summit 2020

12 October | 09:00 (GMT) With the coronavirus pandemic, Africa has been hit by its biggest external shock since independence. Africa's response has been rightly praised, but the health and economic consequences will be severe. The Africa Summit will cover these most pressing issues.