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Video: 1 Million Technicians by 2025

Schneider Electric has pledged to train 1 million people as renewable energy technicians by 2025. This video explains their Access to Energy effort and their success so far in training more than 100,000. In October last year, Schneider signed an MoU with India to establish a center to train trainers and to setup not less than 100 vocational centers to train, in particular, unemployed youth in the field of energy management and solar energy. In April 2017, they also set up a training center in Ivory Coast. For more perspective, also check out our previous interview with Schneider's Thomas Andre on the need for capacity building.

Also, below is a great snapshot that highlights some of the successes of the Schneider Electric program, including work in Brazil, Nigeria, Vietnam, Togo, Cameroon and Egypt:

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