Campaign Update: March 2017

Find out about recent activities and the up-coming events where Power for All is profiling decentralized renewable energy (DRE)—and get involved!

HARARE, 2 March: Multi-stakeholder Workshop

In the run up to the Power for All Call to Action launch on the 22 March, campaign partners in Zimbabwe—including private sector, civil society and community groups—will gather to concretize the DRE policy proposals they will make to local and national Government, and discuss commitments they will make themselves in order to drive energy access.

ABUJA, 4-6 March: Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria

Power For All Nigerian Campaign Lead, Ify Malo, will be speaking at the National convention for the Catholic church in Nigeria—attended by Bishops, Laity and Priests responsible for running the Catholic church in the country. Following a meeting with over 100 Priests and Bishops last year—many of whom were from remote off-grid communities in Nigeria—Ify will share knowledge about DRE and its benefits for unelectrified families with a wider audience of religious leaders.

FREETOWN, 6 March: Trade Fair

Following solar fairs and events held across Sierra Leone in December and January, March will see the Renewable Energy Association and other Power for All partners host a Trade Fair to showcase distributed technologies to community and religious leaders, micro-finance organizations, potential distribution partners and the general public. Please get in touch to find out more about the event.

HARARE, 15 March: Multi-stakeholder Workshop

A second workshop will be held in Harare to continue to build momentum to the Call to Action event, and to bring all partners together to coordinate launch plans and activities.

LISBON, 22 March: ARE Energy Access Investment Forum

Aaron Leopold, Power for All Deputy Director of Advocacy, will be moderating the first panel at the Energy Access Investment Forum this month. The Alliance for Rural Electrification’s flagship event will bring together stakeholders to discuss market conditions, policy initiatives, business opportunities and financial and technical innovations. Let us know if you are attending and would like to get in touch.

GLOBAL, 22 March: Power for All Call to Action

March 22 will see the launch of a global Call to Action by Power for All and its partners. Events will take place in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe, and announcements, webinars and meetings will be held in India, Portugal, the UK, the USA and more. Join us to learn how you can get involved.

NEW YORK, 3-5 April: SEforAll Forum: Going Further, FasterTogether

Power for All’s Director and Deputy Director of Global Advocacy will be speaking at the Sustainable Energy for All Forum in New York, profiling the Poor People’s Energy Outlook and upcoming work on the Energy Access Dividend. Let us know if you will be there and would like to set up a meeting.

February Highlight: Keynote Address, Tufts Energy Conference


download (23).png

As well as hosting a panel of market leaders at the Africa Energy Indaba, Power for All also took the stage to highlight the importance of DRE at the 12th Annual Tufts Energy Conference in Boston. Campaign Director, Kristina Skierka, provided the keynote address explaining, “The energy impoverished are tired of [waiting for] an energy grid that isn’t going to come”. We can, and must, #endenergypovertyfaster

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