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Campaign Update: July 2016

August: Campaign Activities

HARARE, 12 August: Media Workshop

Power for All will host a media workshop for Zimbabwe press and media to provide an overview of the decentralized renewables sector, highlight the impact of clean energy technologies and profile local organisations and enterprises working to increase energy access.

DELHI, 10-12 August: India Energy Access Summit

Power for All Campaign Director, Kristina Skierka and Director of Communications, William Brent, will be joining conversations at the Climate Group India Energy Access Summit. Please let us know if you are attending the event and would like to get in touch.

HARARE, 18 August: Multi-stakeholder Workshop, Solar Fair

Power for All Zimbabwe will be hosting a workshop for civil society and private sector organisations focussed on addressing energy access issues in order to enable greater collaboration and impact. A Solar Fair—with joint engagement by civil society and private sector actors—will be held at the end on 31 August. This will enable stakeholders to showcase decentralized renewable technologies and solutions to local community groups.

FREETOWN, 18 August: Sierra Leone Energy Revolution 100 Days

On 18 August the Sierra Leone Energy Revolution reaches the end of its first 100 Days. Power for All will be issuing a report to the Government. A Power for All webinar on opportunities in Sierra Leone—catalyzed by the Energy Revolution and Energy Africa initiatives—will take place on the 9 September. Please watch out for more details, or contact us directly if you have questions in advance.  

BERLIN, 25-26 August: Financing & implementing Energy Projects in Africa

As a Board member of the Alliance for Rural Electrification, Power for All Deputy Director of Global Advocacy, Aaron Leopold, will be speaking at the Financing & implementing Energy Projects in Africa conference in Berlin. The event brings together global, African and European government officials, business executives and civil society organisations.

July Highlight: Zimbabwe Media Workshop


Last month Power for All held its first media workshop in Zimbabwe, bringing together editors and producers from the country’s leading media houses. The well received event provided knowledge on decentralized renewable technologies, business models and impact. The strong interest in energy access solutions by the editors led to immediate opportunities to profile decentralized renewable energy on Zimbabwe’s top radio show Star FM, as well as  ZTV lunchtime news. Find out more in our article about the event.

A second media workshop will take place in Zimbabwe this month, and Power for All will be hosting events for journalists in Sierra Leone and Nigeria in September.

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