Photo: International Energy Agency (IEA)

Campaign Update: April 2019

Utilities 2.0 launch is coming

Power for All and a group of leading power companies will be announcing the campaign's latest Call to Action, Utilities 2.0: Integrated Energy for Optimal Impact, at the African Utility Week in Cape Town on May 14-16. The Call to Action includes an analysis of why the energy system of the future in developing countries should be integrating both centralized and decentralized, and public and private solutions. At the same time, the group will announce the first demonstration of the Utilities 2.0 concept, in partnership with a leading utility and several private sector companies. Power for All will also be moderating a session on mini-grids as part of the Energy Revolution track. 

Africa and agriculture

Power for All participated in two important meetings in April. One was a roundtable in Paris hosted by the International Energy Agency (IEA) that is focused on energy in Africa. There was much discussion on on energy access and capacity, with input informing the IEA's upcoming World Energy Outlook. Also, we joined an intimate group gathered together by Factor[e] to discuss the growing importance between agriculture and energy access. Power for All will be expanding its work on mini-grids this year to focus more on the nexus between agricultural productivity and an increased role for mini-grids. Be sure to read the Factor[e] perspective on the energy-agriculture nexus.



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