Konexa: seeding the integrated utility future

In partnership with DFID, USAID and the Rockefeller Foundation, Shell Foundation (SF) started to identify integrated distribution models predicated on partnerships with existing utilities, public sector backing and a customer value proposition for access to 24/7 reliable power for all, irrespective of location and income levels.

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Campaign Update: July 2019

Power for All and its partners officially launched Powering Jobs Census 2019: the Energy Access Workforce, the first annual survey measuring employment from decentralized renewables for rural electrification in Africa and Asia.

Jobs Census Webinar

Dr. Rebekah Shirley, lead researcher for the Powering Jobs Census, gives a presentation of the key findings, and answers questions in this recording of a webinar hosted by Clean Energy Solutions Center (CESC).

Forbes: Renewable Energy Provides Growing Source Of Skilled Jobs For Africa And Asia

James Ellsmoor writes on how delivering rural electrification using distributed renewable energy (DRE) can put a serious dent in joblessness, in particular for youth and women.

Powering Jobs Census 2019: Focus on Nigeria

Download the Powering Jobs Census 2019: Focus on Nigeria, to understand the growing employment opportunity within the decentralized renewable energy (DRE) sector, and within the communities gaining access to electricity for the first time. In Nigeria, direct, formal DRE jobs are expected to boom more than 10 times by 2022-23.