2018: Top Energy Access Tweets

Approaching 10,000 followers (with average 300,000 impressions per month), Power for All’s Twitter account is a window into the topics that most interest the distributed renewable energy sector. Twitter measures “Top Tweets” based of engagement and impressions.The themes that generated the biggest response in 2018? Mini-grids, and the jobs opportunity of energy access. Other topics of interest: consumer demand, market development, and data.


Here’s a month-by-month list of Top Tweets:

January: the year started with a look ahead at the top 10 expected sector trends in 2018 gleaned from the GOGLA Forum in Hong Kong. It’s worth another read to see if we were 10 for 10 in our predictions.

February: findings published on our India-focused content channel, “Powering Rural India”, indicated that rural consumers prefer locally owned grids.

March: our Nigeria team and UNEP organized an event, “Reducing Black Carbon Emissions by Transitioning to Clean and Sustainable Clean Energy”, which spotlighted the huge opportunity for millions of Nigerians to switch from dirty kerosene to distributed renewables.

April: we helped launch the Africa Mini-Grid Developers Association (AMDA), an organization committed to working with global and local stakeholders to bring clean energy access to 600 million Africans through rural distributed utilities.

May: we were at the 2018 SEforALL Forum in Lisbon where the World Bank launched its new report about the global progress towards achieving SDG 7.

June: the World Economic Forum spotlighted the massive potential for scaling mini-grids, based on an analysis by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

July: following more than a year of behind the scenes engagement by Power for All, The Economist published an article on the potential of mini-grids to help the poor.

August: access to data is still a huge challenge for the sector. To help address this, Power for All launched its Platform for Energy Access Knowledge (PEAK). The platform goal is to translate dense energy access reports and datasets into easy-to-use insights.

September: we produced a new video, “Mini-Grids: Key to Ending Energy Poverty”, realized with the help of partners Smart Power India, SteamaCo, Ashden, and Mlinda.

October: this was the month of #PoweringJobs! We launched this new campaign to ensure that the needed skills and jobs in clean, distributed energy are created to achieve SDG 7, and to employ the energy workforce of the future, especially women and youth.

November: new analysis by the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP) showed uneven growth of off-grid renewable energy. Find out why.

December: an infographic we produced on the need in Africa for #PoweringJobs in renewable energy, based on IRENA data.

2018 was an exciting year for the Power for All team, with many amazing milestones and the incredible support from our partners and followers. Thank you all, we look forward to achieving even more in 2019 on our Twitter channel and on the road to ensuring sustainable clean energy access across the world.

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