Danny Kennedy

Board of Directors

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About Danny Kennedy

Danny Kennedy leads the California Clean Energy Fund, connecting entrepreneurs everywhere to capital to build an abundant clean energy economy that benefits all. He is also the President of CalCharge, a public private partnership with the National Labs and universities of California, unions and companies, working to advance energy storage. Kennedy co-founded Sungevity, the company that created remote solar design, and Powerhouse, solar’s premier incubator and accelerator. He was the original backer of Mosaic, the $1B solar loan provider, and remains on the Board of Powerhive, a solar mini-utility in Kenya and Sunergise, a solar-as-a-service business out of Fiji and EnergyLabAustralia. He is also a Director of nonprofit VoteSolar. Kennedy authored the book Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Power Can Save Our—and Our Planet—from Dirty Energy in 2012. Prior to Sungevity, he worked at Greenpeace and other groups on climate and energy issues for 20 years.