Power for All VIDEO & AUDIO

CNBC Africa: Afro-India partnership to eradicate electricity poverty

JUN 2017 | Power for All director William Brent talks with CNBC Africa about the growing collaboration between India and Africa in decentralized renewable energy, including solar irrigation and mini-grids.

Power for All: Decentralized Renewables, From Promise to Progress

APR 2017 | At the Sustainable Energy for All forum in Brooklyn, Power for All unveils its newest report, Decentralized Renewables: From Promise to Progress.  

Accelerating Energy Access in Africa

MAY 2016 | During the African Development Banks Annual Meetings—this year focussing on energy and climate—Aaron Leopold, Power for All Deputy Director of Global Advocacy spoke to CNBC Africa about the campaign's recent report Decentralized Renewables: The Fast Track to Energy Access and called for multilateral development banks to take urgent action. 

Why Power for All? 

OCT 2015 | Why Power for All? shows how distributed renewables will achieve universal energy access “faster, cleaner and more affordably” than traditional energy sources.

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Are we Making Global Energy Poverty Worse? 
SEPT 2016 | Aaron Leopold, Deputy Director of Advocacy, highlights how to speed up energy access by changing the way we think about traditional centralized grid investments.

How can we Ensure Everyone has Access to Energy
JUNE 2016 | Christine Eibs-Singer, Director of Advocacy, highlights the power of distributed renewables during a podcast on energy access with CDC, the United Kingdom's Development Finance Institution.

Energy Security in Zimbabwe
MAY 2016 | Power for All's Zimbabwe Campaign Director Chiedza Mazaiwana talks to Business Incorporated about the power of distributed renewables and Zimbabwe's energy crisis during the African Development Bank Annual Meetings.

Envisioning Power for All

JAN 2016 | In this webinar, Campaign Director Kristina Skierka talks to Vote Solar, highlighting how Power for All can be achieved at 1/10 of the anticipated cost and answering questions on mobile finance, off-grid investment and more.

Off-Grid Hits the Mainstream at GOGLA Summit in Dubai
OCT 2015 | Campaign Director Kristina Skierka joins UK Minister Grant Shapps and GOGLA Executive Director Koen Peters profiling the power of off-grid renewables on Dubai 7 News

Power for All launch announcement
MAY 2015 | Power for All announces the formal launch of the Power for All campaign in May 2015 at the United Nations in New York City, host to the Sustainable Energy for All Forum.